50 Best Jobs For Your Personality

Be responsible for the operation of a company L? Sell newspaper advertisements L? Help people with personal or emotional problems L? Dress in comical clown costumes and makeup and perform comedy routines to entertain audiences.

Jobs for Each of the Six Personality Types. For each job, we identified any skill with a rating that was higher than the average rating for that skill for all jobs. Take an Assessment You probably are not reading this book simply to educate yourself about career development theory. The people you work with must share your personality traits so that you feel comfortable and can accomplish good work in their company. In Part I readers will discover how personality types relate to careers.

With fewer ideas and facts to sort through and consider, the task of deciding becomes much easier. Develop psychological profiles of criminals L?

50 Best Jobs for Your Personality Third Edition

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If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Perform comedy routines in front of an audience L? Buy and sell stocks and bonds L?

Sell hair-care products to stores and salons L? Do laboratory tests to identify diseases L? Assemble electronic parts L? People who live in rural areas or who work for smaller employers typically earn less than those who do similar work in cities where the cost of living is higher or for bigger employers. These personalities prefer action rather than thought.

It wasn't very useful to me because of how long it took to come to any decision with the techniques the book uses. Data about part-time workers, age of workers, and the male-female breakdown of workers was derived from the Census Bureau, which also uses a slightly different set of job titles. These differences simply reflect the nature of the United States workforce. From these occupations, we were able to create comprehensive lists of occupations that primarily fit into one of the six personality types.

Study and rehearse roles from scripts in order to interpret, learn, and memorize lines, stunts, and cues as directed. Conduct a musical choir L? Learn about characters in scripts and their relationships to each other in order to develop role interpretations. Possible clean ex-library copy, with their stickers and or stamp s. These occupations can include working with data and details more than with ideas.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features and Benefits50 Best Jobs for Your Personality Third Edition

Assemble products in a factory L? Interpret serious or comic role by speech, gesture, and body movement to entertain or inform audience. Who doesn't like learning when the subject is self? The titles are based on the U.

May contain limited notes, underlining or highlighting that does affect the text. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. We say this because data, while helpful, can also be misleading. Teach an individual an exercise routine L?

50 Best Jobs for Your Personality

Fifty best jobs for your personality. This edition offers the most current labor market information, career clusters and pathways for each job, and new best urban and rural jobs lists. Here you can see which jobs for each personality type are best in terms of high salaries, fast growth, oracle for beginners ebook and plentiful job openings and best when these three factors are combined.

Study the population growth of a city L? This book is uniquely organized to encourage you to consider a range of information as you explore potential occupations.

We all want to fit in somewhere. Drive a truck to deliver packages to offices and homes L? Create a Want BookSleuth Can't remember the title or the author of a book?

We appreciate and thank the staff of the U. Research has proven that matching a personality to a career brings work satisfaction and success. They should differentiate well between kinds of work. The nature of the work tasks and the skills and knowledge you use on the job must be a good match for the things you like to do and the subjects that interest you. As a career counseling professional, I have experienced firsthand the gratification that comes with helping individuals understand how their personal characteristics relate to occupational choice.

50 Best Jobs For Your Personality

They prefer working with data and details rather than with ideas. Negotiate contracts for professional athletes L? Part I is an overview of personality and of personality types. It does not indicate a weakness in the theory.

There is also no time limit for completing this inventory. Finally, you can get highly detailed information about any of these career choices in the fact-packed job descriptions that make up the last part of the book.

50 Best Jobs for Your Personality

50 Best Jobs For Your Personality

Understand that a problem with such data is that it describes an average. John Holland and other researchers have explained that these differences reflect the different levels of cognitive complexity to be found in the jobs. For each personality type, you can see the jobs that have the highest percentage of workers who are women and men. My personality doesn't exist. Like the lists in the previous section, each list is then re-sorted to present these youthful jobs in order of their total combined scores for earnings, growth, and number of openings.

50 Best Jobs for Your Personality by Laurence Shatkin