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78 rpm record dating, capitol - 78 rpm - label discography

If you have a collection, you must decide whether to sell it as a whole or to sell off individual items. There are also some patent information changes. An very scarce label, Aerial was a so-called unbreakable record manufactured by Duophone and using the same masters and pseudonyms as the Duophone M- series. Deutsche National-Discographie. That label seems very plain compared to the others I've seen from that period!

The masters came from many sources over the years. Some beginners are just happy to add additional titles to their growing collections. The manufacturer is also listed as Eldridge R. The Canadian C olumbia group of labels how to distinguish Canadian from American. This section is limited to record labels beginning with the A-D.

78 rpm Record Labels

Capitol 78 RPM - Label Discography - USA - 78 RPM

The third black label example shows this. This would appear to be a one-off issue, containing two transfers of rare s jazz recordings from Paramount. Docks does not like certain kinds of music, and his prices for such records are off, betraying his indifference.

The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide 1940-1959

French matrices were in a block. Heavy sets of classical music are also too common, taurus and nobody today likes to hear classical music chopped into four minute segments. Along the way the name of the company changed as well and would show at the bottom. Complete recordings of John McCormack.

Grandma's records got mixed with dad's records at some point! The label was either Red or Yellow. Short of keeping the collection in your own home, there is nothing you can do to guarantee that the collection stays together. Database of the Finnish Institute of Recorded Sound. American masters came from American Vocalion, Emerson and Gennett and are mainly acoustical recordings, though the later ones from both Vocalion and Gennett are electric.

Print sources Ruppli, Michel. If you must sell the collection as a whole, you might eventually find a person in your local community who will drive over and pay a fair price. Dictionary catalog of the G. Aerial An very scarce label, best hookup bars Aerial was a so-called unbreakable record manufactured by Duophone and using the same masters and pseudonyms as the Duophone M- series. Later in it would be reduced the three lines of patent information.

French language courses were also available on Assimil. It is not clear who manufactured the records, but it wasn't Edison Bell, so maybe Crystalate? The pre single sided Columbias did not have matrix numbers - the catalog number was the matrix number. You can find examples of many swing era recordings by Benny Goodman and Fats Waller on both the scroll label and the circular label. There are some slight variances in these that will help date them.

Also, according to the label, Columbia apparently won a Grand Prize in St. There's gold writing and silver writing amongst the variations which I don't both with although there are examples of both. Where the label name is a link, clicking it will take you to a new page with more information, images and, in most cases, free online dating site in an attempt to list all issues on that label. Your local mall can't help you! This one was pasted over a Bell or Winner.

Columbia Graphophone Company, ltd. Victor was the dominant figure in the record and phonograph market in the early s. Those client labels, however, usually provide a matrix number - which, again, for pre Columbia recordings, was the same as the original Columbia catalog number.

  • Two additional examples show speeches by British royalty with their pictures on the label.
  • As such, I would date it to the early s.
  • The guide under-values many discs, listing B.
  • Place an ad in your local paper don't spend more on the ad than the records are worth or contact local antiques shops call enough of them and you may find someone interested.
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At this price, it is not surprising they are scarce! The majority of the records were of piano music, graded to match the examination of the Associated Board of the Rouyal Academy of Music andthe Royal College of music. Hi Dismuke, Thank you very much for your explanation. Huenemann, Robert Gilchrist. As you'd expect, there's no Dance Band material as the label pre-dates that style of music, though some Ragtime music may be found.

The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide (Book )

Dating 78 rpm Record Labels

The larger the collection, the more likely there are interesting items. Encyclopedic discography of Victor recordings victor. An actual offer means something. Also, after the price was dropped from the left side of the label.

  1. The hobby has changed since I began collecting in the early s.
  2. Maybe one of you guys or gals can help me narrow this down?
  3. But how were they going to know without going to the trouble?
  4. The catalogue numbers were in a series.
  5. They were most likely to have only been available for a short period, probably during only.
  6. Discography of American historical recordings.

Dating 78 records

RCA Victor - 78 RPM - Label Discography

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The Almost Complete Guide to Dating 78 Rpm Records - AbeBooks

No hard feelings on my part if you decide you don't wish to sell to me! Don't conclude all Murray discs are precious. An Edith Mason record might be worth a hundred dollars. The surfaces of the records were always very smooth, though. It is not even certain that these records ever appeared.

The original A udiophile discography. They were not original recordings, but from various sources, for which Whitlock must have retained some sort of mechanical rights. Graves of Sheffield, England, dating website for 40 year who sold them on a mail order basis.

Capitol - 78 RPM - Label Discography

The records used English, French and American Pathe masters throughout. This continued up to at least No. The online discographical project settlet. The Internet is global and chances are slim that you will find on the Internet someone in your town who will drive over to pick up the collection. Docks says nothing about opera artists.

Don't mistake a patents date somewhere on a label for the date of the record you are holding. Likewise, if you see a healthy percentage of records identified as waltzes, polkas, or tangos, you may have a lemon of a collection. Some may be found as label paste-over on John Bull records. All those seen are by Billy Whitlock and were sold through W.

The Autograph label has just been pasted over an unlabelled original, a most unusual example. But how does one find beginning collectors? It would not be synchronous with th recording date but it gives one an idea of the era this record was stamped. Cuscuna, Michael and Michel Ruppli. Catalogue numbers were in a series.

Discographical sources for 78 RPM recordings

Nauck s Vintage Records

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