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What We Don't Like You have to download the whole program suite even to use just Writer Might take a while to download on slow internet connections The interface and menus are dull and cluttered. Amazon's helping police build a surveillance network with Ring doorbells.

You should find that most of them can handle just about everything Microsoft Word can. If you've plunged into the Google ecosystem, you're probably already familiar with its Microsoft Word analog, Google Docs. Although there's good file format support, imported Word documents might look very different if they use formatting and features not supported by Docs, or rely on locally stored fonts. You'll definitely want to read all the fine print to see if this would work.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. That's the version I used for a long while and really liked. What We Like Supports automatic spell check Tabbed browsing helps organize open documents Lets you use shortcut keys. Some features are tucked away in sub-menus, but you can customize the toolbars by adding, removing and rearranging the icons you can find more by clicking the small arrow buttons on the right.

Software What's the best free alternative to Microsoft Office? If you like using Office or later, the move will be pretty much seamless. Excuse my mockery, but this is such a paltry value-add, one few people ever use, yet Microsoft wants you to think it's all that and a bag of chips.

10 Free Word Processor Alternatives to MS Word

The menus and settings are organized well and aren't cluttered or confusing to use. Make no mistake, I like Office. You can also edit the foreground and background text, page margins, color, and line spacing to produce custom themes.

These have the most features and we suggest checking these out first to see if they'll fit your word processing needs. Every menu option in WriteMonkey is only shown if you right-click on the document.

Tell me and everyone else what tools you use to handle your everyday office-y tasks. You can even undock these settings so that you can have more room for writing but still have simple access to important tools.

The best free alternative to Microsoft Word

Spell check is performed automatically as you would expect to be done in a good word processor. There isn't anything that makes AbleWord stand out among similar software except that it's not bogged down with unnecessary buttons or confusing features and settings. One downside to this program is that the print preview feature isn't like most programs in that you have to open the preview as an image in a photo viewer, which isn't supplied with AbiWord.

Jarte can be configured to automatically open the last file you were using upon launching the program, which is a nice option that most of the other software from this list doesn't allow. Kingsoft Writer is part of the Kingsoft Office Suite software, so you have to download the whole suite to get the Writer portion. Starting tomorrow and ending tomorrow! Many have very similar characteristics to Word and since they're free, you'll be saving hundreds of dollars by using one of them.

Word, Excel and PowerPoint have been refined and polished to a fine shine, and Outlook is arguably the best desktop mail client currently available, iphone 3g software update especially for business users. What We Like Completely portable no installation necessary Features a very minimal interface Includes spell check.

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Provided they have a Google account, it's easy to invite colleagues, friends and family to work together on the same document simultaneously. It's actually very easy to use and looks really nice. Not as fresh as LibreOffice, but still a great open source option. Questions about the Cheapskate blog? OpenOffice Writer has all the necessary features to make it on any list of good word processors.

What s the best free alternative to Microsoft Office

The best free alternative to Microsoft Word

Powerful word processing software yours to download free

We update this guide regularly, so you know you're always getting the most accurate information about the best software available right now. What We Don't Like Print preview isn't as easy to use as it is in similar programs Doesn't have a modern interface. You could switch to any of these programs today and begin working immediately.

What We Don't Like Setup will install other programs if you aren't careful The whole suite has to be downloaded to use Writer. This means that reported bugs and vulnerabilities are likely to be fixed sooner in LibreOffice, and new features are added sooner. What We Like Includes unique advanced features Has a spell check You can download it apart from its whole suite. LibreOffice itself receives regular updates too, adding features and security that help it keep pace with Microsoft Word.

And like most of Google's Web-based apps, it's just ugly. What We Don't Like Spell check only works if you manually activate it. You can easily toggle spell check on and off from the menu at the bottom. What's the best free alternative to Microsoft Office? Our top picks for a free word processor are at the top of the list.

If several people are working on the document at once, different colored cursors will appear on the page to indicate where they're working. From there, you can do everything from format text to check the spelling and open the preferences. All of the free word processors below can create, edit, and print documents. Basic formatting is allowed in FocusWriter, like bold, strikethrough, and aligning text. If you're getting ready to make the move to El Capitan, you'll no doubt want to make a full backup first.

These free word processors can be a great alternative to Microsoft Word. It's easy to keep track of projects because you can add up to two at a time and easily browse through local files and folders from a side menu. And for that you'll need software. SoftMaker FreeOffice TextMaker's interface is less cluttered than most free Microsoft Word alternatives, but it doesn't skimp on tools and settings. The program automatically hides the menus and any buttons from being viewed, and you can run it in full-screen mode so that you don't see any other program windows.

Microsoft Word - Word Processing Software

New documents appear in their own tab so that you can keep up to files open in RoughDraft at the same time. If there's a way to sort your documents by file type, I haven't found it. It features a ribbon interface and almost identical icons.

Powerful word processing software yours to download free