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Amanda and mccrae hook up youtube, big brother sunday night recap for labor day weekend 9/01/13

You have to go back before the bed incident. He will succumb to her and downfall will come. The only thing that still keeping me interrested is this site, dating with girlfriend where I can vent. GinaMarie in that order so we can get these mean girls out please.

Rob does not think we will see any more booing from the audience. It seems like you have two sides. Survivor is prerecorded not live the people have been back months. Rob asks if this is likely.

Of course, with all the whining which would surely occur with Rachel and Elissa, the other contestants would probably move to another island and leave the two of them there to fend for themselves. Brian throws in Judd as a potential winner. Then, similar results, storage of flora and hotels. Are you going to brag to her about it.

Big Brother 15 Thank You America

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Helen does seem receptive, although cautious. If Helen wants to make a move she needs to talk to Judd, Jessie and Elissa and then shut her mouth. Elissa say no actually she did say that.

Hope people call tomorrow morning where they will answer their phones and not just get an answering machine. Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. No, he probably would wonder why he smells onion and Vagisil. Elyssa has no hips and no ass. If any of them would have won the veto other than Amanda she could have put up Helen.

  • My goodness, I have failed to see where I made a threat.
  • But if everyone splits their votes then we will never get the person we want nominated.
  • You are not funny in the least.
  • What about all the other players that are in these alliances and are clearly not at the top?

You can add me to the list as well. If he were serious, he would have told Candice to deny their showmance, as well. Judd says no matter who went up it will work either way.

  1. Orlando bloom disgusted by miranda kerr after justin.
  2. Elissa says I will tweet teamJulissa.
  3. Amanda is like a succubus, she just pulls all the personality out of McRae.
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He knows it was you and Helen that pushed for it along with others. Got to run Pool is waiting, see you all soon. Nothing wrong with family members supporting each other.

What in the sam hill is wrong with America, dumb butts voting for Amanda when they should be voting for Elissa she is the problem. How about a poll for who should be the favorite houseguest this year? Yeah, Helen telling Jessie that. Candice is not my favorite player by any means, but I feel for her. Judd was the third up until this past day.

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Enjoyed my nap so, was worth the nap atleast! It actually got worse as it progressed. They all need to not be so quick to judge people and just play the game.

Big Brother Sunday Night Recap for Labor Day Weekend 9/01/13

Jeremy and Kaitlyn both have shown no remorse when interviewed by Julie. Did you hear Spencer talking about not getting his girlfriend anything for her birthday, not even a card? That being said, Elissa is sooooo annoying. My mother always said Stupid is as Stupid does! It seems like in these showmances, it is always the girls who protect the guys.

As much as I hate to say it, Andy is in a really good position right now. Where did these people graduate from? If they could get him to commit to them, they could flip the house. Now you are on the block and going to be evicted and wondering how you got into this situation.

Watch the youtube video of her on a bridal talk show. Which is why it might have been a good thing they got rid of him, for their own game. Rob believes she now has an okay shot at winning the game. Between the bleeping and the whispering, triad relationship dating sites it is impossible to follow a conversation. But he felt that he needed to careful and ensure that his hand did not suffer any further damage that could have an adverse impact on his career.

McCrae Admits McCranda Showmance Was Biggest Mistake & A Game Move

Helen did say to Elissa she noticed Amanda and Aaryn are close and what if those too align. It is good for MacCrae to have Amanda since she looms as a large target. If Amanda goes my guess is the weaklings will turn on Helen too.

Judd says no they have to boil it. There is nothing like digging a cat hole out in the middle of nowhere! No brains as someone said above. He is a vermin due for extermination.

Helen thought about it but talked herself out of it. Rob, Eric and Brian agree that this will not happen. Unless its something you like or agree with, you rip and degrade us. She saids Aaryn doesnt even wanna be in the house and tries to bash her for it. It is disgusting and demeaning.

Grumpy face Amanda never had a social game until she hooked into McCrea. Follow Rob Facebook Youtube Twitter. Watch the Show on Youtube.

Nick would have schemed her ass right off the show. It is time for the black fish, rainbow boy and the blonde Auschwitz killer to go. She is partners with her mother Marilyn. Rob asks if we are heading into a final three with Judd, indian dating adelaide Spencer and Andy. Even if players with low influence go home.

Can we get new houseguests and start over again? He did it to protect Aaryn for some reason or so he claims now. Elissa explains Amanda gave her some strips for her lip. When are they going to make their moves?

Judd says McCrae thinks it makes her look like a better player, like an evel dick. She just lays in bed with McCrae like she is a Queen and gets her subjects to obey her. Elissa says I feel just so horrible for doing it but I think you had to see how horrible Amanda and McCrae are. Elissa says she is going to try and hook up with you. Eric believes that the fans will not let the others off the hook.

Would you like to know how you

Miranda kerr hook up justin bieber Justin Bieber
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