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Jack Smith is Hayley's paternal grandfather. They have broken up for many reasons. Jon then erased Hayley's name from his notebook and scribbled Lynne's on instead. Hayley is an active drug user, often smoking pot or eating pot brownies with Jeff.

It was revealed however that this was a lie that he used to scam American girls to sleep with him. Kazim saved Hayley from the Police of Vice and Virtue, ed westwick dating history and then claimed that he was a member of Al Qaeda with a mission to blow up the American Embassy.

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She then began causing carnage and damage, destroying everything she saw. After Stan's intervention, she dumped Bullock and went back to Jeff.

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When Hayley realized the ruse, she burned down a forest. Furious, Stan threw Bill out of the window by what appeared to be his genitals, and told Bill that he could not see Hayley again. This was one time where Jeff fought to win her back. She said he should have sex with her, then with Hayley and then watch while the two women subsequently had sex with each other.

This pain ranges from actual physical harm to simply belittling him at frequent intervals. This triggered a furious outburst from Hayley and she began attacking her classmates, even beating some of them to the point of unconsciousness and even threw one out a window. Francine was very uncomfortable with the idea of her daughter kissing a man who looked exactly like Stan.

Mistaking Bill for Stan Hayley assaulted Bill with a salad. She also started her relationship with Bullock because he was the first man she met who stood up to her. It is also implied in this episode that she has abnormally large aureolas as Roger states he needs more than one tube of paint to depict them.

It is important to note, however, that Hayley has only been seen dating men, showing that, even if she is bisexual, she prefers straight relationships. Hayley majors in women's history at Groff Community College.

Hayley Dreamsmasher Smith-Fischer

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However, Hayley ran into Jeff Fischer and found she still had feelings for him. She enjoys chaining up Jeff and causing him pain for her own satisfaction. Her outbursts have been so extreme that even Stan and Francine are frightened of her at times.

This is only true because Stan puts her hand in a bucket of warm water while she is sleeping.

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She also occasionally drinks alcohol despite being underage. Hayley has occasionally shown some bisexual tendencies. It is unknown if he is aware of her cheating. Infuriated, Hayley beat Kazim within an inch of his life. Her paternal grandmother is Betty Smith.

However, she had reconciled with her parents and she and Jeff have moved back into the Smith house. The family also has a fish named Klaus and a boarder, a space alien named Roger. Their marriage was annulled shortly after the whole conflict. Before she went up to her room, Hayley told him that she slept with her door unlocked and took her shirt off showing him her bare chest.

In her rage-filled state, she even killed the pet hamster and an autopsy later revealed that it had been pregnant. She has had many other romantic encounters with other men while with Jeff.

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