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Block b ukwon dating, share this post

  • That girl is sorta dumb for doing that but fans should not be mad.
  • Kyung, according to the members, is very generous and often buys dinner and drinks for Jaehyo.
  • Block B's fans get mad at U-Kwon's behavior towards fans with his relationship.

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The fan had to do the game and she looked like she was about to cry. You can fantasize about them being yours one day or whatever creepy shit you guys do, but not everyone has to feed that fantasy. Fans are not gonna defend him all the time. They are all so adorable n such a bias wreacker. On the other hand, his gf is funny for posting it again on twitter and saying it's from her dad.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Block B. From the evidence provided so far, it is difficult to claim that the label purposely did not pay Block B. Block B returned in October with their first full-length album, Blockbuster. Ukwon is using the money he made as a Block B member on his girlfriend and somehow this is not acceptable when the only thing not acceptable is the reactions here.

Ukwon Talks About Fans Dating // Block B s Future

Honestly up until this, I didn't understand him but I still cheered for him and tried to understand because I'm a fan. But on a serious note here, I think idols should simply distinguish their private life and idol life. They made offensive remarks regarding the flood disaster that was taking place and were criticized by other celebrities and the media. My bias kyung shares the same birthday as my only year is diffrent.

You should make a profile for Zico as a soloist. Doesn't he know how to separate work and private life? You can see the entitlement being pushed even further in this article.

There was no skinship at all but he still acted rude. There's no right or wrong way to go about it really. Before this, he tweeted and told us to stop. Darling, thank you so, so much, you're the best!

Was their latest comeback Yesterday? Did U-Kwon not work hard for that money? Maybe it's just his personality? Don't understand how this is anything to do with the fans? He simply doesn't care about them at all.

Block B s U-Kwon and Model Jun Sun Hye Are Dating

Eh, dating in lima peru work and private life should be seperate anyways. They're definitely a lot different now then they were when they first started out. Zico said that nothing stands out in Jaehyo as a singer but Jaehyo is good at everything else.

So yeah, while in your idol life, show some gratitude. He should thank the fans who are still cheering for him but I hate how he's turning his back on the fans because they're cheering for him. This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. His stage name has always been Jun. When my father passed away early last year, he wanted to change my name which has a family meaning behind that.

Taeil doesnt find any members as difficult and so does B-Bomb. Yeah, it does all depend on how you are as a couple. However it seems like that's all he really cares about.

Block B Members Profile (Updated )

Meanwhile, the other members went straight and volunteered to eat the food for their partners. Nonetheless, He's very sexy in live perf. We cheered for them because we wanted to respect their private lives but she says it's burdensome.

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Ukwon Talks About Fans Dating // Block B s Future

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Yeah sure Yukwon's attitude towards fans might be annoying at times but he's been that way since forever. If you two are obviously dating, why would receiving money from him make you feel like that? Living his life in some sort of dungeon so that fans won't get sad that their oppa is dating? It's the same when it comes to dating, the fans seem to think idols are their property and they end up treating them like products. Could you update the photos to the yesterday teaser photos please?

Was in love with the group as a whole, and fell in love with Zico and Taeil. It all depends on the couple. He didnt renew contract with seven seasons, but didnt left the group, while the other six renew their contract, and for BlockB future activity is on disscussion with the seven member. No, so knetz really need to stop being hypocrites.

Mine acts like she's not, but we all know all she wants is a car and stuff from us. By fan, providence dating site I don't mean he is my everything etc. He still treats his fans with respect. Jaehyo was also trained with Infinite members and he is a bit close with L.

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Block B issued a statement in response to the ruling, apologising to fans and saying they would no longer be working with Stardom Entertainment. In response, the members issued letters of apology and released a video on their record company's YouTube channel. Although that's probably just because they haven't released as many songs since joining seven seasons.

Block B U-Kwon Dating Model Jun Sun Hye
  1. Lee had committed suicide.
  2. If a guy did that to me I would probably look him dead in the eye and ask if he is cheating on me or is he just trying to show me that he indeed don't mind gold diggers.
  3. Anyways, she's super pretty and when she went to their Korean concert she cheered super hard for Kwonnie - so cute!

Sunday January 10 2016

If my boyfriend gave me money bouquet i would be like i aint your whore. Weekly Idol Taeil is said to be the cutest of the group. He should be treating his long term girlfriend better than random strangers ffs. Am I the only one who finds that money bouquet not romantic at all?

It's not to say that Idols owe them everything but it'd be nice to at least acknowledge the people who supported your career as it kicked off. Do you know more facts about them? The episode included a skit about fan fiction in which Park Kyung and Zico fell in love and kissed each other on the mouth. All i can see is he's head over heels for her! He barely got any hate for him.

His girlfriend might be once but the fans are once, too. This is breaking the trust of Block B I believed for three years. Entertainment as a teenager.

Zico is pretty good at observing people and noticing changes. My boyfriend pays for everything and even gives me money when he can, he refuses to take any money from or let me pay for anything. And I really don't get the showing off of flowers, girls often do. From Wikipedia, online dating belleville ontario the free encyclopedia.

The group also said that they would be contesting the ruling, and were preparing independent promotions. If she loves it and appreciates it then that's all that matter. And most of the international fans that I met are like me. Because the story is told from singer's first-person perspective, Taeil does not physically appear in the video.

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