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Blues Guitar Backing Track. Play along with real, authentic blues jam tracks produced by professional musicians that play together regularly. Ultimate Blues Jams is the answer to these problems. All the tracks are built to a click track so even drummers can play along with the rhythm section and practice their time, grooves, media converter 7 and fills.

Take it from us, it feels great. You can play this with a straight pentatonic or do some more neo-classic frilly stuf. Slow Hammond Organ Blues in E.

Here is Griff Hamlin soloing over a slow blues in G track. Nice jam for the harp players. One take saturday morning, something to jam to! Same rock jam in A, sped up to bpm.

There will be big sections and small sections, giving you the ultimate solo experience. Harmonic Minor scale Jam Am. Classic Rock Backing Track.

Albert King's Blues Shuffle. Real musicians played the blues for you in a real recording studio. Boogie Style Backing Track. Bluesblast rendition of a classic riff-based rocker in G.

Acoustic Guitar Blues in E. Better Call Saul Funky Blues. Richie Kotzen Style So Cold. How to create a Backing Track on Mac? These jam tracks include major, minor and even some altered chord progressions.

It helps with improvisation, your ear, your timing, and your feel. This track is recorded live with a real beginner drummer and has a real jam session feel. John Petrucci Style Ballad.

Information received through this website may be displayed, reformatted, and printed for your personal, noncommercial use only. This is similar to the Santana version with the Gypsy Queen intro-outro. Slow Emotional Ballad in Bm. How to create a Backing Track on Windows?

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These materials are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. You may not distribute such copies to others, whether or not in electronic form, whether or not for a charge or other consideration, without prior written consent of the owner of the materials. There needs to be some give and take with a band to produce a real jam experience.

Metal Backing Track in Em. Swing-blues feel based on Van Morrison's Moondance in A. Whether you play guitar, piano, bass, drums, or any other instrument for that matter, you can play along with these jam tracks. To start this process please enter your username or email address below.

You may not reproduce or retransmit the materials, in whole or in part, in any manner, without the prior written consent of Bluesblast. Johnny Winter Style Blues.

New Bluesblast Mobile Site. Satin Doll - Kenny Burrel - Fast. Blues Backing Track in Am. Don't miss our mobile site - if you access bluesblast. You can play this with a straight pentatonic or do some more neo-classic frilly stuff Same rock jam in A, sped up to bpm.

Free Guitar Jam Tracks

Discover all sorts of times and feels on all the jam tracks. Steve Ray Vaughan Style in A.

And you can even keep the tracks and any additional bonus tracks! You can play any instrument along with these jam tracks. Each track is built to a metronome so the time is locked in.

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Backing Tracks

Hard Rock style, in E mid tempo bpm. Our great backing tracks are available to download and use for free. Thrash Metal Backing Track. From shuffles, to straight ahead blues rock grooves, to funk blues grooves and slow blues.

Harmonic Minor Spanish Jam. On each solo chorus, we focused on building each track with dynamics.

Playing tunes and jamming is essential to improving. Red Hot Chili Peppers Style.

Link to the chords are below. But there are also a variety of blues styles represented on Ultimate Blues Jams. Straight Rock Number in E. Jam out to them all you want and if you are not totally thrilled with them we insist you contact us for a full refund. Excellent jamming number with plenty of room for different ideas.

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Blues Style Of Gary Moore. You are truly going to be ready for anything that most blues jams offer you with Ultimate Blues Jams. Blues Backing Track Jam in A.

Free Guitar Jam Tracks