Bt Content Slider Module For Joomla 2.5

There is no way to chose Featured article. Its is a beauty and will demonstrate the best in terms of expectation on needs and display. It doesn't allow us to display featured articles! That's how good and stable this works! Fixed the issue in no time.

Article sliders - while doing everything it promises, yeh dil hai song it doesn't work with Joomla cache. It's a bonus to be able to schedule articles or unpublish articles and have it reflected in the module frontend. This module works perfectly. The module is easy to use.

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Showing your company location is a must-need feature in a website nowadays. It allows web visitors to quickly see information of many products on the product page without opening a new window. This extension allows admin to set permission for different access level to download their files.

Bt content slider module for joomla 2.5

User can slide articles displayed in the module. Demo Support Documentation.

Bt content slider module for joomla 2.5Bt content slider module for joomla 2.5

Amazing that you get a whole. It supports users to display products in a neat and eye-catching way. Easy to use module, also can be used on multiple positions on single page. If you select to use images from a folder, you can add title and description for each of images in the folder.


Works exactly as promised, has lots of options and all this in a free module. You can set size width and height for articles displayed in the module. Also the module supports swiping to change slide on mobile devices. Easy and Prompt Support very helpful indeed. You can upload images from local computer or mobile devices and fully configure with a lot of options.

In some news websites, with a large a mount of viewer, there are some of them need information about weather. It allows you to easily display images with many animation types on responsive websites. Good and where you need more specific information you can rely on the forum managed by the developers.

They answered and resolved my server problem. Installed perfectly and works exactly how I wanted it to. This feature will help you make the module fit any position in your site.

In technology companies, showing their timelime is a great way to impress new customers. The guy even sent me a movie from his own screen how I had to change some codes!

Easy and elegant display of articles list The module allows you to easily and elegantly display a list of articles in slide. This module helps to display all events on Calendar. Worked for exactly what we wanted, even though I didn't need the sliding funciton.

The module allows users to create customizable Google Maps for your Joomla website with unlimited markers containing locations, descriptions, images, links, and directions. This Joomla plugin allows users easily set up and customize a page to inform that your site is under-construction or under-maintenance. Helps to slide your articles from Joomla!

Image Cropping Included French language. When enabled, you can configure the size for article image and thumbnail mode to resize images.

Such accordions practically are expandable whenever needed. Presenting my clients on a professional level.

You can really save some space and be able to show a lot of information using this technique. This component helps turn your site into a social hub. The detail lightbox shows image or video and gives your viewers the chance to use the usual social buttons and read a describing text.

Vertical and Horizontal Item size is configurable Show or hide article image Include number of settings for animation. Each effect will bring different user interface with fresh and new look. It's a smart way to promote your business and attracts more followers. The support is the best I have received so far in my experience in purchasing online product. Moreover, your mega menu can be styled easily by various options in its backend.