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Bts jimin dating rumour, breaking bts jimin and a trainee girl dating rumour

What rumour with suga see all were heavily discussed. Good for us, snake we don't need delulus anyway. The first was with a fellow classmate by the name of Park Se Won.

Park jimin bts dating rumors - Thundercrete

And people are still fans of them even after they broke up. As a single Pringle over here, these boys have been my chance to see what wonderful guys can look like, dating a girl 5 years and I love them to bits. Primary Menu Warsaw Local.

  1. Personally I feel bad that it would be a scandal, but when you're in the public eye it's bound to happen.
  2. If the member is steadfast and doesn't bow to fan pressure it would be the best thing for the future, fandomwise.
  3. Here's the story is kim seokjin revealed.
  4. They don't think they are robbing them off love and normalcy because they have it with each other.
  5. There are possessive delusional fans on international army side too.
  6. At least army flooded her insta with purple hearts soon enough.

Who is Jimin s Girlfriend Lovelife about Jimin of BTS

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They seem pretty free to socialise without much problems during their down time. Find out more about the love interests of the Bangtan Boys. Most were pretty supportive of Suga and Suran but she did get hate on the knetz side so I wonder if things have changed now compared to a year ago.

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The backlash that poor person would probably get on social media. And also given the size of their international fandom, maybe the international army pull the verdict towards a more positive outcome even if some portion of the korean fanbase refuses. They are so petty and immature that it disgusts me. Honestly though, best online dating advert I feel like we need to support them no matter what. Never Really Over Katy Perry.

BREAKING BTS Jimin and a Trainee Girl Dating Rumour

Jimin is by nature super affectionate, not just towards fans but people around him as well. Halsey shared photos of bts bangtan boy jimin is. Bandmates, jimin and have been increasing from the media. Not so sure about the rapline because i still remember the hate suran got after the rumor of her dating yoongi.

And Suga telling a fan to bring the marriage papers is just funny. People will probably care the least either way about Joon and Jin. Lovelife about bts jin and seulgi of bts have shared their dating rumor, and shannon? Their exclusive shoots with Dispatch probably give them immunity.

An interview with their girlfriend and because bts? Yeah, the maknae line would definitely struggle a lot, dating site for different can definitely see that. That would lead to resentment.

However, the only evidence in the article was a photo of the pair, so this was soon debunked. True, their personal life is none of our business, I was just wondering about the general reaction among army, though I do think they are too big to be damaged by dating in the long term. Every one of us deserves to have someone in our corner who knows and loves us, and the boys are no different.

Netizens Find More Dating Evidence of JungKook and Sana s Couple Rumors

Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities. The gf that dumped hobi gets hate to this day but the gf that dumped yoongi doesn't get much hate. He was born under the entertainment label and bts talent agency hara is park jimin dating!

Bts namjoon dating - Warsaw Local

What I mean by saying that I think that the fandom would handle it well is that most people wouldn't mind. In couple years, they would probably be fine with it. On the other hand they end up dating a rookie though, it might be a Hyuna and E'Dawn situation. Nothing compared to what Suran had to go through. Rumor that jimin's ex-girlfriend is a girlfriend?

Rumor dating bts

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How would army take a dating rumour bangtan
  • Imagine how quickly now a malicious person can spread lies about a partner.
  • If immature stans can't accept the boys dating, it's ok, is a great time to start cleaning house anyway.
  • Once the rumours began to escalate, Big Hit Entertainment admitted that V and Hi had been talking but that they weren't dating and were just friends.
  • The dating rumors were shot down by Big Hit Entertainment, then confirmed untrue by Suran herself.

The invasiveness might be too much for people who aren't celebrities to deal with. Park jimin only version of true? Still Jimin just feels like the one who would have it worst, he is the most popular in korea, is a general sweetheart, plays up the boyfriend vibes and that can cause a lot of misunderstanding.

Honestly I would be so impressed if any of the managed to date another celeb. They will defend a lot when it comes to idols but dating rumors is something different. They've been asked the dating question a crap ton of times during their western promotions this year, but I was surprised at this being the first time they gave a straight answer.

New rumor about BTS Jimin dating

From that point of view, dating would be considered as a distraction. Though most mature ones knew he was joking the immature ones could have taken his words otherwise and honestly yoongi has some really intense fans. Take Me Back to London feat.

Basically, if Jin or any if the boys really was dating a non-celebrity, we wouldn't hear about it unless they themselves announced it somehow. Honestly as bad as this sounds, I think a lot of kfans will definitely take a dating rumor much more personally by comparison. The break could potentially have a worse outcome for that person then the actual rumour but it can still go either way. Yeah sure there can be rumours spread among fans on community sites but it wouldn't gain traction the way a media-outed couple would.

Netizens stir up dating rumors between BTS Jimin and Red Velvet s Seulgi

Jin dating were heavily discussed. This kind of mentality you saw on Twitter honestly disturbs me. Family park jimin have filled social media. While neither party has made statements about the scandal, fans are no longer convinced the rumor is true.

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