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Cat genie hook up, requirements

Final Cat Genie Review

Wondering what pros and cons are. Now you can sit back and relax while a machine does all of the work for you. It is a simple do-it-yourself set up in most cases, and comes with everything you need including connectors. They liquids fall through the bottom of the tray and get sucked away, and the solids get scooped out automatically, and then sent to the SaniSolution where they get broken down and whisked away. How do you not have constant cat poop or pee outside the litter box?

And then find a good way to dispose of it once it is soiled. But what is it really worth if it works? So there is some non-recyclable waste from the bags. The unit acts like a litter box, washes and dries like an appliance, talambuhay ni dating and flushes waste out of the home like a toilet. Regardless of which of the three modes you choose the cleaning process is the same.

This waste-liquid is drained through the washer drain pipe which connects directly into sewer or septic tank in case of the Laundry room or through the toilet hooked to the toilet rim. The website specifically states that the cost of the solution matches the yearly cost of cat litter. You should also check the hopper periodically as fur, string, fabric and other materials can get stuck in there and cause clogs. After you have assembled your CatGenie, simply drop the Genie Ball into the opening at the top of the hopper.

CatGenie Setup Do s and Don ts
  1. You would have to do that with any cat box anyway.
  2. Do the necessary cleaning, then put everything back together.
  3. Despite my reservations, I was able to take the genie apart and clean it out and put it back together with his help.
  4. Gone are the days of sifting, scooping and cleaning dirty, smelly litter boxes.
  5. You can try playing with them in the room with the CatGenie too.
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Its built-in dryer completes the cycle by blowing hot air over the granules to dry them. It is perfect for for homes with two to three cats over six months old. Ours barely fits next to the washing machine, and even then the bowl extends beyond the front of the washer. It ranks very well in our well-researched list of the best self cleaning litter boxes today!

There was a link to the website on the bottom of the cat site web page. It is relatively simple to set-up. Hi Allen, boosting we would be happy to assist you.

  • The Cat Genie seems well constructed, but after using it for a month, I am disappointed with the amount of unpleasant odor.
  • Here I leave you a link about international shipping.
  • So we my wife and I were given two of these for our new family members.
  • Mine would be a few hours.

CatGenie Description

Once your cat is comfortable with the sound and operation of the unit you can switch to Cat Activation mode, which as we mentioned is the most efficient way to use the CatGenie. Sometimes the cats waste is too soft for the CatGenie to scoop and needs extra time to harden. While I find the cat genie to be a great concept it is outrageous to see it carry a price tag of dollars for the basic model. So i am just going to hook up a bottle of simple green and see what happens. Adding weight to the hook can prevent the waste from draining into the toilet.

Where is the best place to locate a CatGenie

What if I have a problem setting up the CatGenie
The Cat Genie litter box is the

Cat genie hookup to sink

On Auto Start setting the SaniSolution cartridge lasts for washes. Curious about the stern instruction not to use the hook with a laundry drain. Hello Mona, thank you for your question.

Does it hook up to plumbing

This may have been asked a few times but I recently bought a cat genie. This happens if small pieces of poop that are too small for the scooper to catch are dried with the litter. No, create an account now.

As the granules are agitated solids get liquefied inside of the hopper and the water and waste are drained out. There is no true benefit to owning this. The washable granules and cartridges have an additive that allows plastic-loving bacteria to degrade the plastics.

Ours is connected to the cold water hookup for the washing machine, and the drain piggy-backs the washer drain. Waste is liquefied and then sent down the drain, so you don't even have to see it. Stay Connected Follow us on social media!


What exactly Comes With The catgenie automatic litter box? Apart from not having to handle soiled cat litter and litter trays anymore, there are no litter or faeces particles floating around in the air for people to breathe in. Push until the hose is all the way into the hook.

While it is an expensive unit, I feel that if you are using expensive natural litter like I do, the savings will add up in no time. So if you want the unit to automatically start auto cleaning in the morning you need to program it in the morning. This will help you avoid any damage to the litter box.

CatGenie SaniSolution 120 SmartCartridge

They just suggested I buy a new one. Place the washable granules up to the fill line in the bowl, insert the SaniSolution cartridge firmly and choose one of the three settings we discussed above. We ran the cat genie after cleaning the whole system and it worked great. This is a good automatic cat bathroom if you use it for one or two cats. You bought into the relationship, fully aware, my friend!

The result works well, and happy owners say that they can return home from a day at work and not be greeted with a smelly full litter box and that makes all the difference. Also known as layer crumbles. One thought I do have about this unit, well, list free dating sites people say you must keep supplied and this is a con. The only concern I have is that the older version was terrible for cats with loose stools.

CatGenie SaniSolution SmartCartridge Fresh Scent

Your email address will not be published. If you have extra hose, coil the remainder under the base or behind the unit. Ignorance to oversea users, league the I encountered the problem to order the supplies from the company and was rejected. They opted for the area around the box which is as you know nasty to come home to!

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