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Dating antique samplers, search google appliance

American Samplers

Dating antique samplers

She stitched her sampler during this stay in Puerto Rico. Alphabet letters and numbers each worked in different color. Border of geometric flowering vine on top and two sides. They often depicted classic biblical stories, mythological stories, popular stories of the times, or memorial themes. Six narrow geometric crossbands.

Framing center is simple zig-zag, geometric strawberry vine in middle, Greek-key band at outside edge. They welcome inquiries from beginning collectors to the most advanced for either purchasing or selling. Catalina Juliana Mason's Sampler Description In center, urn surrounded by wreath and flanked by words of inscription.

Dating antique samplers
Dating antique samplers

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On the death of his wife, Mr. Sold Early band sampler German c. Outer border of flowering vine that emanates from Grecian-style urn at bottom center and bows at top center, at lower left, and at lower right. Around center panel, on all four sides, eight geometric borders.

Antique needlework sampler English dated Sold Sarah E. Sold Elizabeth Rosewall antique needlework sampler, St. Sold Louiza Sewall antique needlework sampler Philadelphia. Miss Simmons's first name is missing from her sampler, but she made another sampler, typical of Navy Yard samplers, that included her whole name. There are American samplers in the Textile Collection.

Dating antique samplers

Antique samplers buy and sell

Simple geometric border on all four sides. Ann Goodale is living with Henry and Amanda in the census. Her father was a distinguished shipbuilder. Inked pattern for outer border visible.

Maker's age and date written in ink, probably added later. Elizabeth Orme's Sampler Description Large cornucopia of flowers and leaves above verse, kauai with geometric carnation border. Collections Object Groups. Top and sides have floral border with eight-pointed star at center top.

Tyler's Sampler Description Two block alphabets. For the girls, dating with a married one afternoon each week was devoted to needlework. Brown guidelines under cornucopia and flowers. Books and Other Merchandise. Search only items with images.

National Museum of American History

She and her husband made many trips to Europe, and she was known to have paid a visit to the famous dressmaker, Worth. These were popular c to c and were extremely expensive and difficult to execute. Lazarus has not yet been identified. Contrary to popular belief, watch next dating show the stitchers of these memorials were not necessarily in mourning over the loss of a loved one but merely creating a popular form of needlework. Block lower-case alphabet all one color.

Now those same samplers are highly sought after and cherished by knowledgeable antique needlework collectors. The Gatehouse Antique Needlework Sampler c. The Huber's large inventory emphasizes American and English antique samplers, silk embroideries and related textiles.

Border of single row of marking cross on all four sides. James is listed as a cooper, a barrel-maker, living at the Navy Yard in the Washington, D. Ephraim was in the assault on Stony Point and the battle of White Plains.

American Samplers

  1. To right of couple, blue-domed building temple?
  2. Finding that sampler in a private collection made it possible to identify this sampler.
  3. Two rows of evenly spaced small motifs hearts, birds, crowns, eight-pointed stars.
  4. These typically show a tomb, mourning figures, and weeping willow trees.
  5. Two weeping willow trees, each with bird in its top, and three boxes, one containing verse and two containing maker's name and date and group of initials.

There remaineth there- fore a rest to the peo- ple of God. Border on all four sides, straight vine bearing roses and rose buds. Search Google Appliance Enter the terms you wish to search for.

In recent years, samplers have become important in museum collections as representations of early American female education. Border of a vine with triangular flowers or leaves. Hofman has not yet been identified. Meem finished this work in her fifteenth year of her age George Town D. Silk thread on wool ground.

Goodale's Sampler Description At center, an inscribed monument with stepped top surmounted by sphere. They have, and continue to assemble, the best collections of antique samplers and needlework in America. These are commonly referred to as marking samplers.

Dating antique samplers
Dating antique samplers
  • The below sold items are a pleasure to browse through even though they're no longer available.
  • Mason brought his family to the United States in one of his own sailing vessels.
  • One block lower-case alphabet of alternate colors.
  • Pierce Erchfont, England Antique needlework sampler by S.

Geometric vine separates inscription and verse. Five whole and four partial geometric crossbands. One partial and three complete geometric crossbands. This was made by Catalina Mason student of Mrs.

Mason gave up all business interests and set forth on an extended tour of Europe. Sold Julian Clark antique needlework sampler c. They are beautiful, sensitive, and graceful works of needlework art that are highly sought after by the top collectors of antique samplers and needlework. He was a tailor, and they lived in Frederick, Maryland. Family record sampler by Blodget of New Hampshire.

They hold special events throughout the year and participate in the nation's leading antique shows. Julius enlisted to serve in the Civil War in under the alias name of John Dickson. These rows, together with rows containing verse, all separated by narrow crossbands, including sawtooth and dentil patterns. Silk Embroidered Pictures. One death record and worker's name at bottom, below weeping willow trees.

Order Of Free Gardeners Society midth-century. Silk embroidery thread on linen ground. Lower third of sampler contains two urns of free-stitched flowers surrounding large basket of fruit with side leaves. Their historic shop open by appointment is a house in Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

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Dating antique samplers

Collections Search Search Terms. Simmons's Sampler Description One script and four block alphabets. After arrival in Baltimore, they were taken to Gloucester, Massachusetts. Border of single row of cross-stitch on all four sides. See Catalina Mason's other sampler.

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