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Ditch or date speed dating reviews, 00 regular admission

Well run, professional and friendly An evening of Slow Dating in Bath was better than I imagined it would be. Slow Dating in Southampton The slow dating experience is a great way to meet like minded single people in a relaxed environment. Absolute scam I matched no one Absolute scam I matched no one. While the time you have with everyone at Cork speed dating events is limited, you should use it all before coming to a conclusion. Met some lovely people and had a enjoyable fun evening.

If the speed dating event you are considering is hosted by an experienced speed dating host, in a relaxed and inviting venue then it is possible to meet the partner of your dreams. Now the venue was very grubby and matted, the floors were stripped of vanish and the bar tenders were under dressed for the event and snatched my money and threw back my change. Cancellations make this hard to manage so we need to limit this as much as possible. We require even numbers for these events to be enjoyable for all that attend. All these things are just as important as looks, if not more so.

For anyone thinking about doing an event you should just book it and meet some lovely people. If your able to email us at havefun slowdating. The seats are relatively close together meaning it can be very loud and difficult to hear conversations. Also, they've had the women seated on both occasions and the men moving seats. An evening of Slow Dating in Bath was better than I imagined it would be.

Me and two friends went on the Speed dating event in Bath last night. With online dating becoming bigger every day where is the fun of meeting people out in public where you can get to know someone in person rather than through a phone. Takes the fear out of the who's single discussion when meeting new people as well. After all, what can you really achieve in a room full of strangers with just a few minutes to chat to each. Very disappointed from the start.

This is often very difficult when you meet people in a bar because of the level of background noise, and the hustle and bustle going on around you. The venue seemed very seedy and dungen like and the clientele of men was not much to go by. On the night the host was so lovely and reassuring and it was a lot of fun.

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The host Eleisha is really sweet and will make sure the evening runs smooth and comfortable. It helped to boost my confidence when meeting new people, and was a good laugh. However, there was one main issue that caught my eye - the age range. Excellent event Excellent event, venue and host. The venue was excellent Circo, dating man 30 years younger Bath and the friendly hosts managed the event professionally and made sure everything ran smoothly.

Possibly with an alternative venue? We can send out offers if the numbers are uneven for an event, but this doesn't happen for every event. It would be nice to change this up so it's the other way around. Very disappointed from the start Very disappointed from the start. It was really good fun and a chance to just have a few drinks and get to know a few people.

We really enjoyed the event too. Listen carefully to what the other person is saying, as well as taking note of how they hold themselves when they are listening to you. My advice is to not take it too seriously. We have responded to all your emails that have come through. Highly Recommended Fun evening, great host, pleasant atmosphere.

Speed Dating Guarantee is a con. One of the potential draw backs of speed dating is a tendency to make snap decisions. This specific member was asked to leave as they were too drunk, our host made sure of that - so that person didn't ruin the event for any other attendees. Fun experience, recommended x Yesterday was my first experience of Slowdating. There were long periods of time waiting around to compensate for the shortage of men.

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Ditch or date speed dating reviews
  1. Absolute scam I matched no one.
  2. The biggest benefit to speed dating is efficiency.
  3. Thankfully my complaint led to a refund.
  4. Given that most will likely not plan this a month or two in advance its a bit of a cheek.
  5. Someone had be escorted off site as they were too drunk and spilling drinks everywhere.

The people we met were all really different which was great. Very positive experience I contacted via email about an event and received an attentive response. Overall, though, a decent experience.

While you may not walk away with the love of your life, you will have fun and meet some wonderful people along the way when you speed date with experts such as those at Ditch or Date Ltd. Alternatively, if it is something positive, then tick the person as someone you would like to see again and if they do the same, you can ask that additional question on your first real date. Was told at the venue that Slow Dating guarenteed a date and yet when asked for a refund or a second event, I was told because I ticked some ladies I was not entitled to this. When I arrived I met the person John who was running the speed dating night, he was very welcoming, helpfuly and makes you feel and ease. One of the other benefits of Newcastle speed dating, is the safety aspect.

Ditch or date speed dating reviews

This host at Match Box was a complete numpty saying no rouge men just what the ladies want to get worried. Give it a go and have fun and an open mind! If you didn't find love this time, dating foreign we hope to see you again soon.

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Ditch or date speed dating reviews

Thank you so much for your kind feedback. Thank you for your lovely feedback Alison! The event was organised well and the venue was stunning. Meeting people face to face for real is the way to go. These events are always very well organized and they always make everyone feel welcome weather its your first time or you regularly attend the events.

Thank you for your kind feedback Jim! Your original email to us states that the host at the event was cool, so we're not sure what has changed here. If you have a complaint then it appears to be one for the trash folder. Excellent event, venue and host. Why not look at the upcoming events?

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All in all if you go along expecting to have a night where you meet a load of people that you may or may not click with, I think its a really good fun night out. Not convinced yet, wyr dating questions then read on for more benefits. Attending Dublin speed dating events also means that you are meeting people in an atmosphere that is set up specifically to encourage conversation and information exchange.

00 Regular Admission

The slow dating experience is a great way to meet like minded single people in a relaxed environment. With two of us missing, any it would've done the event a favour and offered more of a fair playing ground. Event managers also happy to fire quick email replies when they are looking for info or have something easy to handle.

  • We're so pleased to hear that you found the event enjoyable, and that you and your friends are going on further dates from the event.
  • Would definitely recommend this event!
  • Would love to see events like this going ahead more often and enjoy the format.
  • Excellent Having never done speed dating before I was very nervous.

Despite having a lovely host, who appeared to be attentive and apologetic throughout the course of the night and was trying her best, the evening was still a complete let down. Yesterday was my first experience of Slowdating. Having never done speed dating before I was very nervous. Easy to book, great venue and the organiser was super friendly.

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Ditch or date speed dating reviews

It's so lovely to hear that you would come to another event! As this was my first time speed dating, I was quite nervous, but the hostess was friendly and welcoming. Hilariously Awkward This was a reasonably fun night out, which was hilariously awkward.

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