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Words from CoachMe members. Perfect web site for anyone trying to organize their sports life! Professional and collegiate football teams save time drawing football play cards for practice, scouting reports, and playbooks using FootballPlayCard. You can even take your play cards to the field on an iPad or Android tablet, or by printing them out from the web. Is it just subscription payments we can request and receive?

How to Effectively Fundraise Read more. Our system automates the manual administrative tasks that take so long and cuts them in half. Key Resources New Resources! Our football stats software makes tracking your football statistics easy.

It even automates instalment payments too. Start your free trial now. For our older junior age groups, club officials sometimes send emails relating to fixtures and events to the junior member. Included in this package are stats, schedule, stats printing, stats filtering, stats graphing, stats sharing and more!

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Football Software

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Check out our updated Drawing Tools to help our coaches be faster and more efficient when drawing plays for playbooks and play cards and scout cards for practice. Do you identify your linebackers as something other than Sam, Mike, and Will, or do you use player numbers on your play cards? Show statistics by game type conference, tournament, league, etc. So no more pasting emails in to Outlook, Gmail or any other email platform.

DakStats programs compatible with Windows Vista. In all scenarios, LoveAdmin deducts its transaction fees which include those of the payment provider so the club receives the net amount. LoveAdmin does not hold any banking or card information. With LoveAdmin, you can see at a glance who's paid and who's not. The easy way to improve club communication With all your information in one place, it's easy to send personalised, targeted group emails with LoveAdmin's email tool.

Does squinting at the handwriting on paper registration forms give you a headache? Free access, setup, training and support - you've got to love that! This is to provide users with the best possible browsing experience.

The connection of all of its components makes it so special. Check out our Tournament Software to create your single and double elimination brackets. Features Product Features. But at the same time, it is planned out to the smallest detail.

Show statistics by individual player, all players, and career. Build your fan base while keeping players and parents informed with a professional website for your football organization. Save Time Drawing Plays and Playbooks. Not sure which package is right for you?

Kings of the Desert Examining Arizona s Revamped Offense

Kings of the Desert Examining Arizona s Revamped Offense

Online Registration Does squinting at the handwriting on paper registration forms give you a headache? Our advantage Why is this the right place for you? The Football Play Card application gives football coaches the ability to create and draw football plays, play cards, play scripts, and playbooks in a speedy, simple and sophisticated manner. GameCast is a simple way to navigate through statistics and find the newsworthy information. It has turned a hugely frustrating time consuming job into a very simple task that has been really appreciated by our members.

Football Software

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Accept and close More information. At some point in our life we all need help. You can modify the text size on any report by clicking View Text Size.

Create in one and view from the other. The system will even chase those non-payers for you and keep track of how long payments are overdue and when the last reminder was sent. Quicky see who has and hasn't paid Without money your club can't survive so having the right tools to keep on top of your finances is vital. Got your players and teams lined up? Can we see at a glance who's got access to members information important from a safeguarding perspective?

Use Player Options to change player letters, numbers, and colors Do you identify your linebackers as something other than Sam, Mike, and Will, or do you use player numbers on your play cards? Football Scheduling Keep your eyes on the prize with an automatic football schedule generator that can also share scores, stats and standings post-game.

Save your eyesight and hours of time with online football registration software. Just some of the Football Clubs using LoveAdmin.

What happens to the money when members pay online? Plattling Black Hawks Straubing, Germany.

This program enabled me to share with my defensive coordinator on new plays, formations, and strategies for upcoming games and opponents. By continuing to use our site, you are consenting to cookie usage.

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Yes, offline payments can be recorded and the payment reports are updated accordingly so all your payment income is stored in one place. This software program is the most efficient product that I have seen or used. Let's Talk Want more info? In Europe, where a lot of coaches are part-time coaches, the software helps to save a huge amount of time. Receive payments conveniently online Whether it's annual subs, monthly fees, fines, training or match fees, LoveAdmin takes the hassle out of payment collection and reconciliation.

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At that moment, we decided to build an app for coaches to draw play cards and playbooks. View all related products. Copy, Edit, and Delete Play Cards and Enhanced Navigation Why draw every play card from scratch when you can save time by copying and reusing it.

Football Play Card is not only for football practice during the season. Our sports software works with any one or all of the sports below. Track play-by-play game stats with DakStats Football statistics software. We continue with our rookie draft forecast, subway surfer mod apk filling out the first round of future dynasty playmakers.

Also possible causal factors for injuries sustained when playing matches and in training can be extensively investigated. And it's not just club volunteers that get easy access to information. Play card organization is flexible so you can save play cards in a way that makes most sense to you. Seasonal Scoring in Defensive Linemen.