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She smiled teasingly, -Don't you like tights? It's only just hit me what we done. Jo simply nodded and groaned as Lynsey ran a hand over her arse and down her stockinged thigh.

How'd you pull that you dirty fucker? God, I've never felt so horny, must be hormones or something, I want to fuck you again, can I come over? This was really getting her going now and she was moaning obscenely. Lynsey giggled nervously, -It's like housebreaking, she whispered.

My pussy is still on fire. This meant Jo could really get into Lynsey's cunt and I think both the girls were enjoying it going by the moans and curses and the slather on Jo's chin and up over Lynsey's ass. Jo was coming and I would be soon too so I broke off and sat at the table to roll a joint.

Lynsey showed up wearing a flowery short summer dress and kitten heels, very demure, and what I thought were natural coloured stockings but turned out to be pantyhose. Lynsey looked at me, she did, but wasn't sure. We agreed to meet later for a cup of tea in the common room, and I returned to my own room, bumping into a couple of guys in the corridor.

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Jo, lifted her knees and arched her back as Lynsey took hold of the end of the plug. Slowly, she managed to work all her slender fingers and her thumb into Jo's wet hole and began to lightly thrust pushing Jo forward up the bed.

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She asked -Don't worry, she'll like you. This time I landed a harder blow, making a very satisfying smacking noise.

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We walked through the hallway and up the stairs. Jo brought her legs together.

She brought the first one down on her pubis, making Jo start. Not hesitant anymore, Lynsey took up position between Jo's legs and Jo spread as wide as she could and looked up expectantly. It was all I could do to keep the car on the road when she bent into my lap, unzipped my jeans and started to lick my hardening cock. She asked, noting my surprise.

This time I broke the silence. Jo, spent from the fisting, lay panting on the bed. Jo lay back with her legs open again, her cunt wet and puffy, swolled and engorged. There was a wand vibrator, a cock shaped dildo and another small butt plug.

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Jo, on all fours, legs spread, black butt plug, frigging her clit furiously, the smell of her sex and perfume heavy in the air. That was right up my street and I did so, pushing the nylon into her slit and feeling the dampness seep through. Jo squirmed away, hands between her legs. She edged her fingers into Jo's crack, delicately pulling the labia apart and running her index up and down her slit a few times, before settling on the clit. She was past caring, loving the feeling of sitting on Jo's face, flushing queens dating really squashing her mouth and nose while Jo licked and jabbed with her tongue.

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Jo's forward motion needed a cock to stop it so I knelt in front of her and offered her my hard member which she accepted greedily, slurping up my shaft and sucking hard on my glans. By the end Jo was crying, tears running down her cheeks and hyperventilating.

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Lynsey looked flushed with success. They wanted me to come for a beer in the village, but I declined, politely. That was cool enough for me for a while and next she had the wand out and was really working her up. Cheeks nicely reddened, Jo rocked backwards and forwards on the bed. That's it, fist that fucking whore!