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Part of an orbiting satellite's broadcast included its precise orbital data. Easy sync and go Seamlessly sync your perfect route with any compatible TomTom sat nav and start your journey. Customisable and shareable routes open the thrill of discovery to drivers and to TomTom's Road Trips Community worldwide.

It feels solid in the hand, and the magnetic connection gives a reassuring click into a robust connection with the stand. Wi-Fi, needs a phone for real-time traffic updates. You can get around this with a simple hook-up to a smartphone, though. Plus, running navigation drains your phone's battery to unusable levels. The two current operational low Earth orbit satellite phone networks are able to track transceiver units with accuracy of a few kilometers using doppler shift calculations from the satellite.

It's hard to say if it's better than your smartphone, they're very close, but it's certainly no worse. MyDrive Manage your routes and view traffic information. Need to get going quickly?

Subsequent broadcasts from an updated satellite would contain its most recent ephemeris. Even when you know how to get to your destination, changing traffic conditions can mess up your day. Global Positioning System. Featured Solutions Bridge. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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TomTom Traffic gathers insanely accurate traffic information, in real-time. Its screen is responsive, the information it offers clear and concise.

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Get safety camera warnings and voices on your device. BeiDou Navigation Satellite System. TomTom MyDrive Even when you know how to get to your destination, changing traffic conditions can mess up your day.

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Software Updates Navigation Devices. It's wide feature set, ease of use and simple docking means it's a great for those less tech savvy. Up to an hour is quoted but we never really got past the minute mark. Modern systems are more direct. Daily route navigation becomes varied and stimulating, traffic is a thing of the past and getting from A to B to C is simple when the road is there for you.

Quasi-Zenith Satellite System. Routes can be synced easily to compatible TomTom devices. Galileo satellite navigation.

Orbital data include a rough almanac for all satellites to aid in finding them, and a precise ephemeris for this satellite. Let your phone be your personal traffic checker Want to know about traffic on your commute?

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The original motivation for satellite navigation was for military applications. Know before you go We're passionate about traffic so you don't need to be. Don't miss out on road changes or new features again.

Or a favourite place you've already saved. Visit a favourite restaurant. Customise the route Choose your start, finish and stops to tailor your route to perfection. Set your destination before you get in the car Need to get going quickly?

Set your home and work locations and get personal traffic reports if there are delays on the way. Satellite navigation systems. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Want to know about traffic on your commute?

Stay connected without distraction via hands-free calling and having your text messages read out loud. Set your destination fast by choosing a contact from your phone. TomTom Telematics Fleet Management. The system may be used also for mobile receivers on land with more limited usage and coverage.

Optionally share your destination with a TomTom sat nav for navigation through traffic. The satellite uses an atomic clock to maintain synchronization of all the satellites in the constellation. Navigate from your Garmin watch. It also has a built-in camera for on-dash video recording and for tracking things like lane placement and how close you are to the car in front of you. Effect of spaceflight on the human body Space adaptation syndrome Health threat from cosmic rays Psychological and sociological effects of spaceflight Space and survival Space medicine Space nursing.

Device Management MyDrive Connect. See how you drive with data on G-force, cornering, driving lines, braking and more shown live on your phone.

Through this connection, you get live traffic updates, ghazals by anup jalota can take advantage of hands-free calls and your text messages can also be read out by the device. TomTom Maps Developer Portal. We're passionate about traffic so you don't need to be.