Conference Grants on Research Integrity. An infographic should always solve a burning problem that your audience has. Find the image you need using our search bar to make an infographic your audience will remember.

Outline the Goals of Your Infographic An infographic should always solve a burning problem that your audience has. Take a look at our roundup of the best typography tutorials. Use our huge bank of photos and icons to create stunning images for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

She's also a bookworm, world traveler, cat lady and Mexican street food enthusiast. Go ahead, be picky - there are plenty of ways to make your story speak louder than words. Home Examples Features Pricing Enterprise. What is Data Visualization? This infographic lists six lapses in judgment that could lead to a slippery slope ending in research misconduct thus affecting the integrity of research.

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And an infographic is the perfect visual way to do that. The Importance of a File Naming System. This infographic highlights the key players in the research community and how each plays a role in safeguarding scientific integrity.

We offer personalized training and priority support to ensure you get the most from our tool. So what better way to showcase the taxonomy of beer than with an infographic? Below, will be sections to address this problem. Can You Spot Research Misconduct?

Write Ethically from Start to Finish. Get active and maintain a healthy weight. Pick a template Produce fast with templates. Watch how innovative teachers like Rachelle use visual learning to spark creativity and engagement in the classroom. But how do you reignite your creative spark when all you want to do is give up?

Handling research misconduct allegations. Tips for Presenting Scientific Images with Integrity. Recommend on Facebook Tweet Share Compartir. Bring your team members into one single location.

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Eat a healthy diet with more fruits, vegetables, potassium, and whole grains and less sodium, saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol. But, why would you ever want to use one? Johanna Morley, Aussie Mum Network. Applying for a federal grant can be stressful. Thank you for adding to the conversation!

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This one by Hot Butter Studio displays exactly what an infographic can do for your data. We weren't exactly sure which category to put this interactive infographic in.

Research misconduct isn't a topic that most graduate students or postdocs consider while in training. Mentorship, Research Integrity. This infographic serves as an instructional resource for scientific and scholarly writing on authorship practices that may help to avoid potential authorship disputes. This is your goal, not getting more traffic to your website or generating backlinks though these are nice side benefits.

Let's kick things off with a fun infographic using lego to present what an infographic is. Connect your data to build live, easily shareable dashboards that visually track your business. By taking the right steps to reduce your sodium intake, your blood pressure can begin decreasing within weeks. Most of the sodium we eat comes from foods prepared in restaurants and processed foods not from the salt shaker.

Thomas Seymat, Euronews tseymat. This colourful infographic examines rap names in startling detail. Your subscription was successful. Too many good points get drowned in a sea of bad slides. Foods that you eat several times a day can add up to a lot of sodium, even if each serving is not high in sodium.

Have you used infographics as part of your marketing strategy before? Connect your data with ease We have different solutions for all your data needs. Share it directly to your social media accounts, or password-protect it for sharing with clients and colleagues. Tips for Avoiding Plagiarism. Create interactive line charts, pie charts, eeram mp3 and bar charts.

How about the difference between a finial and a flag? This infographic provides viewers with three tips for presenting scientific images with integrity and three things to avoid when processing images.

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This infographic can be used as a guide on how you can maintain research integrity in grant applications. Office of Research Integrity. Presentations Too many good points get drowned in a sea of bad slides. Plus, YouTube videos tend to have.

Slippery Slope to Research Misconduct. Read Nutrition labels to find the lowest sodium options. Email Updates Stay informed on our latest news! How to choose the right chart or graph for your data? If not, then this typography terms infographic acts as a handy cheatsheet that will help you get up to speed.


This infographic provides some considerations and tips before making an allegation of research misconduct. Whoever you want to reach, we want everything you touch to delight each life it touches.

What this infographic does is to unpick the trend for infographics and explore the stats surrounding the trend. This infographic by NeoMam Studios explores exactly what it is about infographics that hits the spot.