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Lahore has beautiful mosques, mausoleums, india's famous dating sites parks and various shopping spots. Lahore is well known for its culinary delights.

It was formerly known as Lawrence Gardens. The traditional dishes are Kadi kebab, Lamb Roast and Saji. It was built during the British Rule primarily for families of the British officers serving at high ranking positions in British-India Railways. Hyderabad has served many Sindhi literary campaigns throughout the history of Pakistan which is evident from its daily newspapers like Kawish, Ibrat and Daily Sindh.

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It's not perfect, but Telenor's Smart Mini is the budget smartphone your friends will approve Lo and behold! The Pakistan Football Federation has its headquarters near the stadium. No matter what, the highlight of this city are its food and its openhearted people.

It is an open, green place compared to the rest of the Lahore. It is located in Gulberg, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Lahore lies on the banks of the river Ravi at an altitude of about m above sea level, a few kilometers from the border with India.

Recently, Karachi and Hyderabad are also connected by a new Motorway. Though, in recent years the city has faced many issues like rise in street crimes and municipality issues by the Government. The city is famous for its production of mangoes of different variety.

Today, the large green space contains a botanical garden, a mosque, and Quaid-e-Azam Library situated in a Victorian building. People living here are extremely fond of food and that is the reason it has the highest number of places for food with the tastiest dishes of any city. We have one camera man also that camera man record all the discussion with that security guard. People residing in Islamabad are mostly natives of other cities having there jobs in the capital. It is the industrial hub of Pakistan with the highest number of industrial units located here.

Those people who are working in Lahore in also living here. With a rich history dating back over a millennium, Lahore is a main cultural centre of Punjab and Pakistan. In Murree, Mall Road is the main center for shopping and restaurants and if one walks further along the road, the chair lifts of Pindi Point can be used. Punjabi culture reigns in the city as most of the residents are Punjabi speaking. The city is famous for its local wrestlers and their diet.

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Music is also important in the area. It is also attached with Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences as a teaching hospital. Murree has old style buildings which are remnants of the British era. The British captured the area in and built a network of railway lines to connect Gujranwala with other cities of the Punjab.

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One can witness true Mughal architecture in the city by vising different areas. As the area is surrounded by the Chenab river, various agricultural products are produced here including cotton, wheat, sugarcane, different fruits and vegetables.

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This book can be obtained from the office of Jinnah Garden. Jinnah Park is a wonderful garden with colorful roses and trees. It is currently managed by the Wildlife and Parks department of the Government of Pakistan.

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It is also used for other sporting events, including athletics. This is not only the place for doing time with girls but in that building they are doing hot and sexy Mujra, they are drinking wine and selling drugs. The area is socio-economically tied with Islamabad therefore it has a mixture of developed and still developing infrastructure. Its culture is influenced by the Arab due to Omani rule in the region.

Several cultural festivals are held in the city including Basant which is a very famous kite festival celebrated all over Punjab. Local dances and instruments are famous around the world. The Khyber pass which connects Afghanistan and Pakistan, is well known to be the route of most of these invasions. After some time my friend fine the security guard of the building. Along with other cities of Punjab, it is an epicenter for Punjabi culture.

It is located on the shores of Arabian Sea. Six members of the Sri Lanka national cricket team were injured. Therefore it is a very diverse community.

For women, the dress is a long shalwar kameez with embroidery. The city lies along the green belt so lots of plantation is to be seen as one travels along. Rawalpindi Rawalpindi Rawalpindi is a city located in the Potohar region of Punjab.

In recent years, Lahore has been upgraded quite a bit in its infrastructure where special attention has been given to the road network, greenery and cleanliness in the city. Lahore Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab and the second largest city in the country. The city lies on the east bank of Indus river which is the largest river in Pakistan.

Some walls and a gate still remains as a memory of the Gujar Singh's fort. As shown by name it was the fort of Gujjar Singh Banghi. Until a marble pavilion at Charing Cross displayed a bronze statue of Queen Victoria, but now the statue's place in the pavilion is occupied by a bronze replica of the Quran.

Laid out during the British period, it is named for Charing Cross in London. Historically, the area has been under the rule of Mahmud Ghaznavi and Mughal emperor Humayun. It's a very shameful action for us. The city is known as fruit garden of Pakistan as numerous fruits are produced here due to its location and climate.

It is famous for its floral exhibitions and artificial waterfall. The cricketers were on their way to play the third day of the second Test against the Pakistani cricket team.

It lies at an altitude of m therefore it has a generally cold climate with snowfall in winter making the temperature drop to less than degree Centigrade. All the area of fort has became local property. Gwadar has a hot, desert climate with high variations between summer and winter. The stadium was built in and had been built at a cost of Rs. Many of them are still preserved the way they were originally built.

Jinnah Park attock

It is located in the federal district and does not form part of any province. Another Orange Line Train project in under construction.

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There is a busy market in streets of Qila Gujar Singh area. The area is a major agricultural producer of rice, cotton, wheat and fruits. It is a historical city and is considered to be the cultural hub of Pakistan.