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Biographical film of the life of French sculptor Henri Gaudier-Brzeska. Directed by the guy who did Bridge Over River Kwai!

Colorado is forced to allow them to join his party. Steve McQueen was also considered for the lead role.

However Hachita turns his back on Colorado, who kills him with a knife he had earlier taken from Hesh-ke. Hachita spends the night looking at the moon. Mackenna's Gold is based on the novel of the same name by Heck Allen using the pen name Will Henry, telling the story of how the lure of gold corrupts a diverse group of people. Excellent Special Effects! The original score and songs of the film were composed.

The party bypasses the cavalry by an ingenious diversion, during which MacKenna tries unsuccessfully to escape with Inga. Robinson of the legend himself. Tibbs kills them and persuades Colorado he should be allowed to join the gang. Was this review helpful to you? The cavalry is continuing its pursuit, and Sergeant Tibbs periodically sends messengers back to his base to keep it informed of his whereabouts.

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Colorado then pulls his gun on Hachita, only to find that his weapon is unloaded. They return for the night to Colorado's secret hideout to be safe from both the cavalry and marauding Apaches, who are also seeking the gold.

Older Englishman Edward G. Stock footage was used for the waterfall peril in the rafting scene. Eminent Film Scores or Soundtracks.

Goofs In a key scene, a lengthening shadow at sunrise points to the destination location. Cobb, Keenan Wynn, and others appearing in supporting roles. But shortly thereafter the cavalry ambushes the party at a water hole, and most of the non-core members of the gang are killed. MacKenna tells Colorado they will see the canyon the next morning. The next morning everyone is up and mounted before sunrise.

The film went through countless re-runs until well into the s and could be seen in cinema halls across India, including small venues in the medium-size towns of North and South India. According to the legend, a teamster named Adams and some prospectors in Arizona were approached by a Mexican Indian named Gotch Ear, who offered to show them a canyon filled with gold.

The bird is actually a black vulture rather than a turkey vulture buzzard. Learn more More Like This. As all race to the canyon floor, Hesh-ke tries to kill Inga, but Inga fights back and Hesh-ke falls to her death. Hachita tells him that during the night he took the bullets out of Colorado's gun, as the spirits had told him to do, and that Colorado also has to be killed because he is not Apache.

Audible Download Audio Books. So Paramount Pictures Home Video. MacKenna gains the advantage over Colorado with some punishing blows, rendering him helpless. Mackenna's Gold novel by Will Henry. MacKenna thereby comes into possession of a map that supposedly shows the way to the treasure.

Mackenna's Gold was and remains a very successful film in India. Colorado persuades old Adams to retell the story of how he discovered the canyon. They ride through it and emerge on the other side. Although not well received by critics and audiences, Mackenna's Gold was released internationally to some success.

The Apaches thunder down to the canyon floor, shouting excitedly. The theme song was used on the Late Show with David Letterman in as a random running gag. The Soviet Union and Yugoslavia in the s.

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Robinson, Burgess Meredith, Lee J. It was performed by then-popular Soviet singer Valery Obodzinsky. The townsmen include two wandering Englishmen Anthony Quayle and J. Mackenna's Gold is a American western film directed by J. Paramount Pictures Home Video.

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As the sun rises, shadows get shorter, not longer. The shadow eventually ends at a hidden passageway cutting into a mountainside. Colorado has Hachita's tomahawk so is the early aggressor, and would kill MacKenna but for Inga's desperate intervention.

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The camera tilts down to the left side of McKenna's mount, which happens to be Sgt. In reality, shadows become shorter as the sun rises higher. Quincy Jones's score was nominated for, but did not win, a Grammy Award for best score from a motion picture. Theatrical release poster by Howard Terpning. At that moment the marauding Apaches, presumably having followed the party's tracks into the mountain, enter the canyon and shoot up at the three.

Tibbs, his attention diverted while stuffing his saddle bags with gold nuggets, is killed by Hachita with a thrown tomahawk. They see below them a large vein of pure gold. That night the two of them talk in almost a friendly way about what Colorado plans to do with his share of the gold. Most surprising in a movie that obviously cost a good deal of money is the sloppy matching of exterior and studio photography with miniature work for special effects. Watching this, helvetica condensed black font MacKenna for the first time believes in the legend.

Mackenna's Gold Theatrical release poster by Howard Terpning. Carl Foreman Dimitri Tiomkin. It can work for the lord as well as the devil!

MacKenna and Inga embrace, with Hesh-ke looking on enviously. Colorado pursues MacKenna and Inga, catching up to them at an ancient Indian dwelling high up the cliff. Though skeptical, he memorizes the directions before burning the map. Mackenna's Gold goes beyond adventure! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Life and Work of George Lucas. The screenplay by Foreman was based on the novel of the same name by Will Henry pseud. Mackenna's Gold is beyond reach! MacKenna and Inga ride off together. However, in the novel as well as the film, the gang abducts a Marshall named MacKenna to find a way to the Canyon.

MacKenna tells Colorado to go far away and hide, that he will be coming after him. Stunned and exhausted, Colorado and MacKenna face each other. When he sees that MacKenna has burned the map, he takes Mackenna captive, intending to force him to lead them to the gold. Trivia Burgess Meredith only has four lines. Colorado tells MacKenna to stay away from him.