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Naruto then is engaged in combat with Satori, but fails because he is unable to touch Satori. Mui extracts some of Naruto's chakra, allowing the box to revive. Heavenly Prison on Naruto, sealing his chakra.

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The opening scene of the movie showed Naruto fighting a monster, only to be killed by it. Hatake, Kakashi Supporting. Nara, Shikamaru Supporting. When in solitary confinement, he hears a mysterious voice say that if he can defeat Mui, then the seal will disappear.


They are given special chakra creatures to enhance their strength. Muku then transformed into Satori. Yomi died and his body fell into the lava. Naruto thought she was a boy, but later sees that she is a girl, and that it is her mission to kill Mui and stop the Box of Ultimate Bliss. The list of authors can be seen in the page history there.

Naruto was sent on ahead with Shion, while Sakura and Lee tricked their opponents into wasting their chakra on futile attacks. Mui then reveals that his wish is to bring back his son. Naruto later attempts to escape again, by knocking out one of the guards and taking his clothes, when his shadow clone fools everyone. Then a hooded figure leaps out attacking the sleeping Raikage, only for the figure to stop right before killing A. After Naruto came to rescue her, she broke into tears saying that all the people who sacrificed their lives were a waste.

The prisoners attempt to escape, but are stopped by Naruto's friends. Blood Prison was adapted into a light novel. Naruto is shown using the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique while in Sage Mode, despite his previous explanation that more than five would disrupt his ability to maintain the mode. Ebina, Yasunori Sound Director.

Alternative Titles

They fended off her four would-be assassins, who exhausted themselves in a failed attempt to kill Naruto. When Naruto is asked to leave the punishment room, jack reacher 2012 movie he uses a clone to gather some natural energy because he intends on using Sage Mode. It is the fourth movie in the Naruto movie series. Naruto Shippuden the Movie North American box art. The Movie came in at number six.

He raised a stone army from their slumber, to attack the rest of the world, while his four subordinates went to murder Shion. Naruto then held the army back using shadow clones while Shion headed inside the temple to begin the sealing ritual. Eventually Kakashi, Temari, and others came to the fight and destroyed the remaining army.

Naruto Shippuden the Movie

The master of the castle, Mui, uses the ultimate imprisonment jutsu to steal power from the prisoners. Each time he does so, his red coat which he was only shown wearing once when battling Pain appears, despite the coat not being part of the transformation at all. Archived copy as title Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text. Terasoma, Masaki Japanese. Naruto knows how to use Sage Mode.

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Naruto insists that he will survive and likewise will keep Shion safe. Murata, Masahiko Director. Naruto Next Generations episodes. In this place, something is aiming for Naruto's life.

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Naruto, clueless as usual, agrees without realizing the second meaning of her question. Tsunade looks out at the window and ponders if everything is just decided by fate.

Toochika, Kouichi Japanese. Naruto is randomly shown using the Rasengan without making clones, despite him never working out how to do this. Naruto knows and has been acquainted with Killer B. About to see her prediction of his death come true, Shion uses her bell's power to change Naruto's fate.

Naruto Shipp den the Movie

To deal with the threat, the Land of Fire sends out many advance teams to stall the stone army. In the final scene, Naruto asks Shion what she intends to do now. He had terracotta soldiers attack her, before her light slashed and killed them. They fend off Shion's four would-be assassins, and afterwards Shion prophesies Naruto's upcoming death.

To deal with the threat, Konohagakure sent out many advance teams to stall the stone army. Just before he is able to destroy the box, he is captured by Mui. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Help improve our database by adding background information here.

Naruto attempts to escape, only for Yamato to encase him, and Tsunade takes away his forehead protector. It was also revealed that Maroi was a friend of B's and he was the mysterious voice. Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto.

When A is seen above the figure, the figure dodges, and is able to fight equally with A. When Naruto is released, he is looked up to by the rest of the prisoners. Help improve our database by adding an opening theme here.