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Although one of them was later arrested, no-one was injured this time around. Peter Cullen reprises his role as the voice of Optimus Prime.

Fans of loud, effects-driven action will find satisfaction, and all others need not apply. British Board of Film Classification. The production crew was actually accused of ripping off a one-of-a-kind custom for the version. The Insecticons make a cameo, transferring data from Megatron's mind, infecting the Galvatron drone.

Industries, which uses it to build man-made Transformer drones. Age of Extinction probably has the worst plot of all the transformers. Transformers toy merchandising was one of the first successful cases by a foreign company in China at its time, its line of transforming robot toys was highly sought-after, especially by boys. That ship sailed four movies ago, but somewhere inside Age of Extinction, hindi old hit songs there exists the schlocky promise of that kind of entertainment.

During the first commercial break for the show, a brand new television spot aired. Mark Wahlberg Stanley Tucci.

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Music albums Commercials Reality show Toy Exhibit. Optimus quickly defeats him, saying that he and the other warriors will protect his family or die, then mounts the metal dinosaur.

War for Cybertron Trilogy. Woo as Hong Kong Police Officer.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Lockdown gloats to his prisoner, claiming that Optimus was built, not born, and now the Creators want him returned in one piece. Cade, Shane, and the other Autobots get aboard the ship as it flies low over a bridge.

Blair Adam Baillio as Robot Thief. Optimus decides after getting the Seed, the Autobots will no longer help the humans because of how they revived Megatron, but Cade explains to Optimus why he shouldn't lose faith in them. Richard Riehle as Theater Landlord.

Frank Welker as Galvatron. James Bachman as Gill Wembley. The other Autobots locate Optimus, who reveals that the section of the ship they are on can separate from the main body. Robert Foxworth as Ratchet.

Prime scans a passing truck, sheds his layer of rust and takes on a new form with his old paint scheme. Some media outlets have elected to go with the Rentrak figure. Best Original Song Snubs What age would you like to live in? The elder brother also assaulted three police officers during the incident. As Optimus Prime and Lockdown battle one-on-one, Attinger corners Yeager with a pistol, accusing him of choosing aliens over his own race, but he is quickly shot and killed by Optimus.

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So the minor character gets a poster and two lengthy filler action scenes to herself? Richard Gallion as Air Force Operator. Or brainwashing, or something. As the spaceship departs, Cade and Shane vow to get Tessa back. Vega as Cemetery Wind Team.

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It barely matters whether this movie is good or bad. After calling Lucas and Tessa, he connects jumper cables to its engine, only for it to begin replaying the distress call Ratchet had received earlier. He escapes after a brief skirmish that destroys the Yeager residence, with both Cemetery Wind and Lockdown in pursuit. Cade, Lucas, and Tessa ask why Optimus is so badly damaged, to which he replies that the Autobots are being hunted and he must help them.

Platinum Dunes Unrealized projects. He finds an old truck, and upon inspection it seems to be full of artillery shells.

He buys the truck along with the other theater equipment and puts it in his garage. They decide to try to hide the Seed in Hong Kong.

Age of Extinction navigation boxes. There is one way you survive. He is taken to the upper floors and confronted by Attinger, who claims that what he has witnessed is in the name of world peace. Attinger is eager to expedite production but grows incensed when Joshua disagrees and says that they should go slower, quite obviously moved by Cade's call.

Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. The Autobots mount their Dinobots and charge over the mountains into Hong Kong.