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This rite of passage includes a ceremonial bath. Others are simple, private affairs involving a couple, with or without friends, other family families or a religious person such as priest or pandit.

The last rites are usually completed within a day of death. Experts shed light on different types of natural therapies that prove useful in order to cure various non-curable diseases. The time prescribed for the pumsavana differs in different Grhyasutras, and can be extended up to the eighth month of pregnancy, according to some.

The ritual is usually celebrated with cooked rice, in a paste of honey, ghee and curd. For a baby boy, the right earlobe is pierced first.

The rite of passage, in some texts, include charity and feeding of the poor, and ceremonial prayers by both parents. The ritual is performed in diverse ways, but all involve the husband serving something to the expectant wife. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Be one to whom a mother is as god, be one to whom a father is as god, Be one to whom an Acharya spiritual guide, scholars you learn from is as god, Be one to whom a guest is as god.

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There are some differences between symbolism associated with sanskara rites in Hinduism and Jainism. While the earliest Dharmasutras list Jatakarma and Namakarama as two different sanskara, they evolve into one in many Gryhasutra texts. Similar to Hinduism, kamal hassan old tamil songs Sanskara serve as a rite of passage into a new phase of life in different sects of Jainism.

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Those acts that you consider good when done to you, do those to others, none else. Acharya Balkrishna practises Ayurveda and promotes various treatments to help relieve patients from the ailments of the body, mind and soul. It is typically done about the first birthday, but some texts recommend that it be completed before the third or the seventh year.

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You are watching a preview. It means not just culture, but it holds a deep and pure reason to create a good human being, a good family, a good society, a good nation and thus a good world to live in. Shri Avdheshanandji Maharaj.

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The rite of passage also includes a gathering of friends and relatives of the new parents, where gifts are presented, and a feast follows. In one version, she is fed a paste mixture of yoghurt, milk and ghee clarified butter by him. Vaishnavism Shaivism Shaktism Smartism. Shri Avdheshanand Ji Maharaj recites verses from the holy Bhagavad Gita and sheds light on the stories and lessons from it. Watch Every where Download our App to watch anywhere.

By Pantanjali's time, these two rites of passage had merged into one, and completed within the first two weeks of the baby's birth, usually about the tenth day. Shri Vyaspeeth Anil Kumar Shastri ji. In case of girls, the left nostril may also be pierced during this ritual.

It is a ceremony performed before conception and impregnation. Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj.

These were on-going rituals of living at living, and not considered as a distinct rite of passage. Its popularity can be gauged by its highest devotional viewers. When thou hast made him ready, all possessing Fire, then do thou give him over to the Fathers, When he attains unto the life that waits him, he shall become subject to the will of gods.

Religious experts preach the holy scriptures to their devotees while guiding them to be successful in their career as well as personal lives. Glossary of Hinduism terms Hinduism portal. The Brahma Kumaris shed light on the qualities of humanism, tolerance and everlasting zeal as they spread the truth of spirituality in every sphere of life. For other uses, see Samskara disambiguation. Vinod Agarwal, a renowned musician, performs and sings various devotional songs in praise of the different gods and goddesses.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Samskara. Baba Ramdev demonstrates various yoga asanas that enable one to lead a healthy and stress-free life. Thereafter, at ceremonious events, she wears the half-sarees, until her marriage when she puts on a full Sari. May fortune never fail in its race, with offspring and cattle, Svah! Dr Anil Bansal recommends natural and Ayurvedic methods to cure illnesses.

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The student asked the teacher for any gift guru-dakshina he desired, which if specified was the student's responsibility to deliver over his lifetime. The piercing is usually done with a clean gold thread, or silver needle. Samskaras Ceremonies Hindu rituals Rites of passage.

Shri Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj delivers sermons and provides a discourse on the ideal way to follow the path of spirituality to lead a peaceful life. Subscription is not available. They are typically very colorful, and celebrations may extend for several days. Most Gryhasutras and several Smritis include four Veda-vratas as samskara after graduation, as means of continuing self-education. Vrata literally means a vow or practice, any pious observance, act of devotion or austerity such as fasting.

The wedding rites and ceremonies begin with the engagement of a couple, and extend to rites of passage after the completion of wedding. Ayurveda Dhanurveda Natya Shastra Sthapatyaveda.