Secret Meditations

A Powerful Meditation that will Transform your world

The lack of water had exposed something abundant in a sandy beach that was quite peaceful and beautiful, hidden away from the more trafficked areas of the lake. Things align them selves in an astonishing way when I listen to the recording! Find your space, meditate, use Kelly's tools and when and if you are ready, seek out communities of like-minded people in your area. My life is truly opening up to the beautifully abundant world we live in. The Magical Frequency has no fear.

The Secret Universal Mind Meditation

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Many of my clients have completely changed the direction of their lives after this meditation because they realized who they were and how far off course they had been living. In January, I am participating in a full on, year long course to further access my clairvoyant abilities.

Thank-you Kelly and the entire team at Brainsync. Kelly you are extremely gifted!

The Secret Meditation is finally here

Prepare for something special! Not only has the Law of Attraction made my personal situation more abundant I am part of an endeavour to improve the world. Then when you go back and watch it again it will have new meaning for you. It was as if I was there and could enter that room.

No one will ever buy electric cars. You might not even fully understand the principles behind the meditation. What happens when they begin to focus. During this phase of the sleep cycle, the brain begins producing very slow, large Delta waves. All sorts of information is coming in to help with my manifestations including many manifestations of my desires.

It doesn't even matter how beautiful you are on the outside because as we've all been taught our entire life. You begrudgingly give up your own dreams for the immediate need of a bill to be paid. As the mind goes calm and peaceful, consciousness rests at the seat of the Divine leaving all the mundane world behind, just enjoying the relaxing music and highest wisdom. It got to be were every day I drove to work confident today was my last day.

A Powerful Meditation that will Transform your world

Mostly in attitude and my new found ability to let go. But it works in ways that some call miraculous. Those that have used it have also had exceptional success. Are you tired of using force instead of power to get things going your way?

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Kelly has such a sweet and wonderful voice and along with the message and the sounds it is so soothing that I never get tired of listening to it. Your ability to manifest your desires.

The Secret Meditation is finally here! The Secret Meditation uncovers the distractions for what they really are. Over days and weeks to come, refraction retinoscopy simulator your conscious and your subconscious mind will accept The Secret as true. Her meditations are a true miracle. Wow it's been along time since that happened.

This is a must buy and great for any beginners new or just starting to meditate. And it is also available as a download! The music is tranquil, relaxing.

Are you tired of pushing and trying to force and motivate yourself into getting what you want? To someone else, that success will be failure.

The Secret Universal Mind Meditation

Can you trust in yourself, can you trust in the Divine, do you trust in your environment? Why would you want to use this meditation?

There is an ancient meditation that has been passed down through the ages. If you doubt my review or need further convincing feel free to contact me at Kellenburger at Hotmail.

They had so much talent, so much ability, yet because art was failure to someone influential in their life, they chose to be a doctor instead. Delta waves are the slowest of all five brainwave frequencies and range between Hz. The minute instructional video explains how to do the meditation. But think what happens when they turn their attention towards what they really want. When you harness the power of your mind, nothing can stop you.

The Secret Meditation

To everyone else out there, you can create magic in your life if you choose! Anytime I'm in a high stakes project, or wanting something huge to happen, this is my go to. Because I can guarantee you that the lack is also exposing the natural abundance that is always around you. At first my mind was trying to keep up with what was being said but as the voice doubled and modulated, I started loosing track of the messages and fell asleep.

The miracle you are looking for is waiting for you to open to it. They trusted in the possible.

Guided MP3 / CD

My guilt about petty things is subsiding. No matter their belief system, religion, type of business, I have found commonalities.

The Secret Meditation is finally here

Delta brainwave programs are an ideal choice for when you want to access your subconscious for deep and powerful reprogramming. Every time I start feeling stuck, or down, I listen for a few days and things just turn around. It is full of trust that the answers and the path will always be there as a guide.

Beautiful music especially in the beginning, so soothing and just relieves all problems instantly. This is a blessing and you shouldn't miss. Because we have not received much rain this year, the water levels were really low. They managed their attention. This ancient meditation distills the practice of these success patterns into something you can actually install into your mindset.

Wish I could put into words the way I felt - but it's truly magnificent! Where else is there a big lack?