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Most of the company's audience consists of educated, white-collar professionals who read a lot and stay up on news and trends, including those about health. This book teaches business leaders that value driven companies are highly successful companies that will stand the test of time. That's why every affluent neighborhood has a Starbucks not far away. It communicated its points clearly, with impact, and with inspiration. They know that getting ahead requires adaptability and, like their favorite coffee store, they embrace the changes that come with growth.

Starbucks bought Tazo and Teavana tea companies and Evolution Fresh for its juices. As the audience has widened and grown older, the company and its best customers still see change as opportunities rather than burdens and remain enthusiastic about what the future may bring. While Starbucks also has regular customers who are black coffee purists, those people aren't the company's target market.

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Companies that are built on love are successful companies that with brands that endure. Even the and year-olds rely on their smartphones to make their lives easier. The truth is, the company has done so well by knowing exactly who its target audience is at any point in time and going all-out to cater to those people. As suburbanites, they spend a lot of time sitting in traffic, which makes their coffee splurge even more welcome. Their common trait is that they're busy people.

Even non-coffee drinkers have their favorite menu items, and just like the coffee shops of yore, Starbucks has sandwiches, desserts and other snacks. However, numerous Starbucks cafes are surrounded by middle-income neighborhoods where people don't have such high incomes. Starbucks caters to their tastes with a list of available teas and tea concoctions that's as varied as its coffee offerings. Healthy-ish Professionals While scientists continue to debate the health benefits of coffee, the online dating rituals of the american male cast Starbucks coffee lovers make room for their beverage of choice regardless.

Onward is a must-read for any manager and ranks as one of the best corporate memoirs written in recent years. Starbucks obliged in with its app for mobile orders and payments, and it was a huge success. Decaf tea, green teas, wellness tea, mixtures like Royal English Breakfast Tea latte and Teavana bottled blends play to this part of the company's audience.

Maybe they were in the beginning but not so much now. They have an urban-ish attitude, but they don't live in the city.

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