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The color for the fill inside part of the cloud icons. It features the basics, including extended forecasts, hourly forecasts, and the like. The color of the moon in the icons.

It's one of the better all-around weather apps. No gradients and no images are used. Applicable only for the animated icons Climacons Animated. The text color is used for the location labels, the current temperature, the current weather description and the day names.

Here are the best weather apps and weather widgets currently available on Android. There are also some weather widgets available. The main window, where you select the widgets sometimes works, urdu ghazal audio and sometimes doesn't. The language of the weather widget. Just click on the weather card to get additional info on the web.

WeatherBug is one of the older weather apps. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

It features all of the stuff you'd expect from a weather app. The second line of the label. Take a break and check out these app lists! Besides, it lets customize the current weather widget with different themes that will certainly fit your blog or website. However, it puts a larger focus on severe weather such as tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, hurricanes, and other meteorological acts of God.

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How you found the violation and any other useful info. Join our Newsletter Get the very best of Android Authority in your inbox. Besides, having a weather web widget can actually retain your visitors because you will exceed their expectations.

View this page on a wider screen if you would like to preview how the widget responds to fill wider spaces. Google Friendly Weather Widget for Your Website If you embed the iframe weather widget on your website, blog or single web page, you will provide visitors with more great features to choose from. It provides the current temperature for both local and worldwide cities. That includes current temperature, future forecasts, severe weather alerts, radar, and more.

15 best weather apps and weather widgets for Android (Updated 2019)

Additional information Published by Ambient Software. It doesn't cut any corners. The Weather Widget can be easily embedded in any website by just pasting the provided code in any place you would like the widget to appear.


This one features witty and sarcastic quotes much like What The Forecast. It's not as powerful as some weather apps. Responsive This widget will respond to the size of its container.

Enter your location below and choose the settings, options and theme that you like. MyRadar is a simple app that shows you a weather radar.

It does the basics like forecasts, hourly temperatures, and more. Watch the following tutorial to learn all the details. Knowing the weather is something that we all pretty much need to know. This is just really bad compared to the widgets I remember, and many of the features are locked behind an unnecessary paywall.

Any Website The Weather Widget can be easily embedded in any website by just pasting the provided code in any place you would like the widget to appear. It's a reasonable price for what you're getting.

Additionally, do not forget that professionally developed live weather widgets depend on the well-thought weather code text. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. If there is an easier way to set the year, they've hidden it very well. All of the features comes in the free version.

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This is a great weather app for those who need something simple but also still looks good. That includes weather forecasts, temperature, radar, weather alerts, and more. You get a lot of the extras like forecasts, current temperatures, and more.

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It takes only a few steps to do it. Report this app to Microsoft.