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You can help by adding to it. This is another theme that gets me really pumped.

The opening riff is just so good, I can't help but get it stuck in my head. And when you think of Razor Ramon, you think of this theme.

A WWE Theme Song Quiz

20. I m Coming (MVP) - Silkk The Shocker

If there was ever a theme that personified the Attitude Era, this might be it. He's been saying he's fighting for America and nobody has been able to stop Rusev yet, and I can't think of a better guy than Cena. This really is the big, imposing theme song that a big, imposing fighter should have. There are three things a professional wrestler needs to be successful.

Well, at least that was the case before he disappeared in the Lake of Reincarnation. It is to be noted that the newer albums always feature re-releases, and hence, the official release of some songs is through a single and not an album. This song is a remix of Hart and Maguire's work. That just showed what kind of charisma Guerrero had in and out of the ring.

But they insist they weren't there together. Wade Barrett originally attributed to The Corre. Mick Foley was a genius when it came to character development. Not sure if he wins, or perhaps somebody else would could use the victory more like Ryback or perhaps a returning Shemus.

First, you need to actually be a great wrestler in the ring. One part of having a great gimmick is your theme song. Safe to say Motorhead excelled at that.

Professional wrestling portal Music portal. But the music still incorporated the vampire-type character that Gangrel was.

Having those three things will get you pretty far in professional wrestling. The dude scarred himself with barbed wire, steel cage drops and fire. Bryan can have a great match with anybody so I wouldn't be too upset.

Free for All Tribute to the Troops results. Everything about this is so Miami and so cocky, just like Razor himself.

The track is basically an unrelenting breakdown in the vein of a band like Killswitch Engage or Shadows Fall. The riffage is sort of similar to the Brock Lesnar theme, but this one features vocals and is perhaps a bit slower-tempo. Perfect was slightly pompous, but still seemed like a regular guy. There are some important things to consider to better understand why some of these are listed where they are. That makes sense when you have Motorhead doing your theme songs.

What WWE superstar s theme song are you

It was manufactured and co-marketed by Columbia Records and was distributed by Sony Music Entertainment. He's as close to a modern-day Stone Cold Steve Austin as we're going to get and the dude's entrance theme reflects that. Or, look so menacing that you can have a manager who will do your talking for you while you look menacing. Oh, and this guy can really wrestle too.

Overall, again, this theme captures the essence of Kevin Owens. From midcarders to legends, each theme on this list carries a distinction as playing a pivotal part to the careers of these wrestlers throughout the years. And for someone who was a man of few words, tony robbins audio this theme fit Ken Shamrock. The locker room would later reconvene for the song's music video.

WWE Music Group discography20. I m Coming (MVP) - Silkk The ShockerWhat WWE superstar s theme song are you

The dude's logo is basically an anarchy symbol. Of all the modern pro wrestlers, nobody is more metal than Mick Foley. Story of the Year originally attributed to Jim Johnston. One thing is for sure, Mizdow is turning on Miz.

Released through Atlantic Records. Triple H is the only wrestler that I can think of to ever have two active entrance themes.

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Typically, the good guys win at Mania, and Orton is just bouncing back from a injury return, so I say he gets his vengeance here and comes out on top. When the riff first kicks in, a half expect somebody to rap over it, but the proceeding riff then sounds like some metalcore action. Seriously, that riff is so great, a metal band should just steal it and make millions. Cena sort of has to beat Rusev here doesn't he?

WWE Music Group discography

View all posts by Phillip Bupp Follow on Twitter. Last but not least, you need to have a great gimmick and great look to your character. Ryback is a genetic freak, and his music is sort of like his pre-workout amp up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

You can't get any more metal than that. What a difference a few years makes. His intro might not seem metal at first, but immediately after those opening chords a monster riff comes in, accompanying Itami into the ring for a very memorable entrance.

Follow me on Twitter and on Facebook phillipbupp. That beautifully contrasted the character and added an extra dimension to Mankind. But the music itself may just be the best pump-up anthem to kick some ass I've ever heard. Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

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Opinions are my own but feel free to agree with them. While the wrestling was hit-and-miss back then, it was a time where everyone had gimmicks that fans loved or loved to hate and people loved Al Snow and Head. He works a part time schedule but anytime he's in the ring, it's unlike any other wrestling match.