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Yakima hookup vs holdup, yakima holdup hitch rack reviewed

Yakima HoldUp Hitch Rack Reviewed

If you want credit for images submitted, please ask and we will be sure it gets listed with the photos. Collin, dating agency I live in Cincinnati so probably similar as far as climate. If you need a bike rack that will accommodate all the sizes of the bikes you have then this the bike rack you should go for. Bikes are stable on the car in the rack as long as you make sure the bolt is tight and go on and off easy.

Another feature that will attract you to buying Yakima hold up bike rack is its security feature. The HoldUp is the most versatile of Yakima's hitch carriers and holds the widest range of bike styles, shapes, and sizes. This bike rack is not as wide as Yakima HoldUp. There are cheaper options out there, but for usability, broad compatibility, and long term durability I have been really happy with the HoldUp.

Our new products will enable abundant adventures for cyclists, trailgaters and wanderers by increasing the overall ease of transporting gear and friends to the places they love. This keeps the rack safe despite the location you are going to. The StrongArms and straps hold the bikes very solidly in place-no rocking or jiggling.

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Yakima HoldUp Hitch Rack

Unfortunately, both models here also suffer from the same problem, which is sun damage. Ease of Use Both racks here are quite easy to assemble, but they are not without quirks. It has excellent features that will lead you to want to own of this model.

The wheel hook is wrapped in a pliable rubber that is nice to shiny parts and grips tires decently. Maybe too much coffee this morning? Your email address will not be published. Their steel frames are really tough and solid.

Review Back in Black Yakima s HoldUp 2 Hitch Rack

Yakima HoldUp Hitch Rack Reviewed
Hauling Right Yakima Holdup Versus Thule T2 - Mountain magazine
  • You won't find those numbers on the manufacturer's sites because they're kind of daunting.
  • From kayak fishing to roof top tent camping, Yakima continues to meet the needs of growing categories with innovative products Lake Oswego, Ore.
  • Well, to be fair, this is also a common issue for many other bike racks.

Yakima HoldUp Hitch Rack at BikeTiresDirect

Review Back in Black - Yakima s HoldUp 2 Hitch Rack - Bikerumor

Blog & News - Thule XTR T2 vs. Yakima Holdup Hitch Bike Racks (Updated)

At Interbike, Yakima said they were investigating ways of carrying fatbikes with the hold up, but as of now there are no definitive plans. We tested the bottle opener which forced us to have to share this bottle of organic cider. The hitch hits the ground coming out of some driveways but the bikes are always fine. Of course, options for fatbikes would always be appreciated!

Carry up to pounds of gear with two levels of storage and our widest heavy-duty bars. Just approach the bike rack. Some of this is wear and tear and some just pure neglect of maintenance. Plus, stuttgart the locks actually reach through the frames.

Thule T2 vs Thule T2 pro vs Yakima Holdup Pick The Right One

One of the SecureHook ratchet arms may need a manual fix due to an improperly placed nylon spacer, but this is easy to get done. Road bikes are very snug as well. However, note that the shape is longer.

This is largely due to mountain bike forks being equipped with thru-axles and the Cannondale Lefty forks. It is suitable for those people who prefer to purchase an expensive item that will last for long. The rear wheel gets a pivoting tray to adapt to a wide range of wheelbases, is dating your and an easy to use buckle not unlike a snowboard binding.

Both are colored in black. Great company that stands behind their product. Additionally, there has been a resurgence of popularity with upright bike carriers for the roof - the kind where you keep both wheels on the bike.

Thule T2 Classic Bike Rack Review

Get access to exclusive discounts, the inside line on the latest gear, and personalized recommendations from our staff of avid riders. With the individualized lock combination, one need not worry about the security of the bike. It also has ratcheting arms that are frame free and they make sure the bikes are secured with no contact to the frames. Both models come with locking mechanisms. It also comes with add-on feature that can help you carry extra two bikes on the rack while driving.

Nevertheless, the ratchet arms are intuitive to use, and the rear-wheel straps are easy and precise. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mechanic's Corner Articles will open in new tab.

  1. Of course, being able to lock each bike individually brings more confidence and peace of mind about the security.
  2. Both of these racks are tray-style, hitch-mounted bike racks that carry the bikes by hooking around the front wheel.
  3. The Yakima hold up model is the cheaper bike rack for those people running on budget and comes with sufficient features like the expensive bike racks.
  4. Accommodates carbon bikes, disc brakes, thru axles, and full suspension bikes.

Hauling Right Yakima Holdup Versus Thule T2

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Yakima HoldUp Hitch Rack Reviewed

Another feature I really like is the simple yet effective system for keeping everything tight and rattle free when not in use. When looking for a product in the market it is important to make sure the product you take is highly durable. You can feel it in your hands. However, megan massacre dating you may be confused to choose the right one for you.

Yakima HoldUp EVO 2-Inch - Yakima Bike Rack

Thule T2 vs Thule T2 pro vs Yakima Holdup Pick The Right One

The instructions for assembly of the pieces from the box are well documented. You should make sure that the bike rack is installed properly on the rear of your vehicle. Innovative new products meet the needs of a wide range of consumers, from lone cycling warriors and fat bike riders to truck owners and van life lovers. The method of supporting the bikes like other upright racks also means that there is no chance of the bikes rubbing together while driving potentially causing damage to your frame or components. The first generation proved to be a winner, so when we were offered a chance at reviewing the latest generation, we jumped at the opportunity.

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Both racks have many of the same features that, in the end, work exactly the same. The main pivot bolt at top middle, as well as the release pin mentioned below. Of note, is the color change to a glossy black finish. The ratchet feels like it's bone dry and in need of some grease. Getting bikes on and off is intuitive and simple.

New to this model of HoldUp is the ability to slide the trays laterally to prevent bikes from interacting. The first issue we ran into was a slightly out of adjustment bolt which caused the HoldUp to drop down into the lowered position with two bikes on board. However, recently I've noticed the ratcheting arm on one of the trays requires more force to rotate. Maybe do some research before spouting where something is made.

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